Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Bhakti Shakti: I wanted to ask what is the help, what is your advice if it is becoming hard sometimes to follow your sadhana…?

Tirtha Maharaj: Do it more strong!

Bhakti Shakti: … or you are starting to neglect your duties..?

Tirtha Mahara: Do not do that! You asked what is the advice. This is the advice.

Bhakti Shakti: Yes, but I mean, is there any instrument to help?

Tirtha Maharaj: Be more serious. More intent. Do not play with the fire. Because if you play with the fire, you will burn yourself. If you think: “Now, be just a little bit more flexible on the rules. We should not be fanatic about this sadhana, we are raga-marga devotees. Sadhana is for the beginners. Now, after half a year…” Do not do that.

But of course there are some difficult moments in our spiritual life, difficult periods. At that time we should be more attentive. From cultivation results will come. So maybe we cannot concentrate our full energy on one specific service, then go for the other service. But something should be done very strongly. And by this slowly, slowly you can come to the same standard. Because you know the three main reasons why somebody stops his progress in the spiritual life. What is that?

Kripadham: Aparadha?

Tirtha Maharaj: This is the third.

Kripadham: To loose his sadhana.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. And what is the first actually? The first is when your sukriti is running out. Sukriti is running out – you stop. But you gain more sukriti, you go on. Sadhana gives you much strength; when you give up sadhana, you lose your energy. When you take up sadhana, the same strength comes to you. The difficult thing is aparadha. It should be avoided. Associate more, pray more, chant more. Try to create such an atmosphere around you that you can dive deep. And wait…

Bhakti Shakti: To wait for what?

Tirtha Maharaj: For the mercy to come.

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