Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Manohari: Gurudev, I want to ask about Kurukshetra.India is so big, but two major events happened in one place. What is the connection? Why the important meeting of Radha andKrishna is happening there and then the great war is also happening there? This could not be coincident.

Tirtha Maharaj: Of course. Well, what is the first verse of the “Gita”? “Dharma-kshetre kuru-kshetre”. Kuru-kshetre – Kuru means the Kuru dynasty and kshetra means field or realm. So this is the field of the Kuru dynasty. That means, this part of the country belongs to the Kurus. Dharma-kshetre means that this is the field of dharma. Dharma is the mission and the duty of humanity. So even in the before, before times – very ancient times – this was a place for tapas, for penance, for spiritual practices – dharma. I think there is a very nice website where you can find complete information on Kurukshetra – this is called Is it translated into English? Anyway, you can learn Hungarian. Because this was an important center for pilgrimage, for spiritual things happening there, Brahma was also engaged in service there. Therefore it naturally, originally was a pilgrimage place. Therefore “Gita” was described there, because naturally it was a place for dharma, it was a place for divine enlightenment. “Gita” describes the relative and the absolute dharma of humans. So that was the best, the most proper place to open up this topic.

And this meeting of Radha and Krishnaalso happened there, because there was an eclipse and on the eclipse people come together for prayers. This is why we go to a holy place – to practice more. And there this very fine, delicate topic was revealed – that although meeting, still They are not able to enjoy the company like before. This adds up to the general understanding of Radha-Krishna lila. And especially is in harmony with the main teaching of Mahaprabhu that the separation is the most intensive way of association. This is one very important point.

There are many temples at Kurukshetra. This is a place of waters. There are some ponds, channels and rivers, and also there is fog in the air. So, it’s a wet place. And also it is a secret place. So much so that last time when we visited, our Indian guides missed the road where to turn to the battle field. So thick fog! Because from the main road you have to turn to the right in order to arrive to the battle field itself. And there is a huge tree. It is said that under that treeKrishnatold the whole “Gita” to Arjuna. So, after you have learned Sanskrit you go there, just sit under this tree, chant aloud either the Ninth or the Twelfth Chapter of the “Gita”, offer the shine of your eyes and water of your tears in service and wait for the answer ofKrishna.

This is about Kurukshetra. It is a place of dharma, place of practice. And just a small tourist information: on Kurukshetra you can find a huge Krishna museum. Don’t miss it.

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