Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Hari-lila: Why are human relations? Only to choose relations with God, I mean not with humans, but with God?! Actually we have dharma in this life, families. What kind of feelings we should have in our families, if we should give everything to Krishna? What kind of relations could we have in our families?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, of course we have dharma; but we have param-dharma also. Param-dharma is the universal and supreme dharma. All other dharmas are below this level. Because even the birds raise their families. We also raise our family, nothing special. This is a basic necessity – to maintain humanity and the race. But humans have higher brain capacity. Therefore even these biological functions can be divine. Like we eat, right? Eating is very usual. But we eat mahaprasadam. That is divine! We establish families, this is very common. But we have to establish spiritual families, and that is divine. Whatever we have, if we connect it with Krishna, it becomes divine. For example to have sex – this is something quite basic and something very ugly if it is based only on the physical attraction of bodies. But Krishna says: “I am such a sexual life, which is not against the divine principles.” Usually it is considered by some something very sinful. But it is not, if you apply it in the right direction: for raising children, establishing a future for them, inviting the appropriate soul – this is a divine meditation. Of course a lot of people are meditating on this topic, but on a different level. They meditate on the lower parts of the other sex, but you should meditate on the higher goal of having sexual inclination and organs. What is the reason, for which God made me a woman or a man? What does He expect from me? And if you can find an appropriate answer for this, then you should go. “He expects from me to become a mother. I am ready to accept this role happily!” Or: “He wants me to become a father.” Big responsibility, both! Or: “He wants me to say “no” to the sexual urge, to become a mendicant and ascetic. I also accept.” But whether it is this one or that one – it must be a sacrifice. Sacrifice means to be connected with Krishna.

In this way human relationships must also be based onKrishna. Friendship, trust, love, family – whatever. Because ifKrishnais the basis, then it will be long term. If the changing feelings are the basis, it will be very fickle, unstable. Very simple.

So if everything is based on Krishna, then it is better. Once there was a question: what relationships are there in the spiritual world between jivas, or souls. The connections are manifested through Krishna. Not excluding Krishna, but including Him. So, perform your dharma, but do not forget about your supreme dharma. And until we cannot fully absorb ourselves in the highest dharma, until that time, rules for dharma should be followed perfectly. Otherwise a fall down will come. It is said in “Narada-bhakti-sutra” that a proper direction should be followed, otherwise bad results will come.


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