Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

You know, pride is a natural part of human nature, of human character. People are proud of anything that they have or what they do not have. “I have achieved something” – therefore they are proud. “I have renounced something” – and therefore they are proud. We take all the stupid reasons to be proud. “I know something” – and then you are proud. “I do not know anything!” – well, you cannot be too much proud of this. But usually people build such vanguard groups, elite groups. And if we examine and study deeply the spiritual science, you can be spiritual elite in this way. Because you know much. Or if you are an active person and you perform much, you become active elite. Should vaishnavas, devotees become some elite group? What do you think?

Somebody: Yes, they should. Because there is a verse where Krishna says that whatever great person is doing the others will follow[1].

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, that is true. But, you know, our scale of measuring who is great and who is small… I think the worldly and the spiritual scales are little different. In the material world they measure you according to the capacity of your car. If it is big enough then you are a great personality, right? Or – after your bank account, or whatever. When you meet a pure devotee – no car, no bank account, no influence, no nothing… And what is his message? “Be humble, serve God unconditionally, do not expect anything in return…” Who will follow this message?! So maybe our priorities are a little different from the worldly priorities. And do not forget, that today this is Kali-yuga – outside. Outside there this is Kali-yuga prominent. Here this is not Kali-yuga! And not even Satya-yuga; this is the spiritual sky. Because we come together on devotional principles. We are sitting here because we want to be a real elite group. Not a bank account elite, not a Maserati elite. Not even elite on spiritual science. Rather devotees should become an elite group of feelings. We should be able to feel for Krishna – how much we can dedicate ourselves to His service, how much we can offer to Him, and how much we are ready to give that also which we wanted to preserve for ourselves. Our measurement for being an elite group is only this – how much dedication we can offer toKrishna.

Actually this is the message of this last verse[2] – that either you search directly or indirectly, you should carry out this search until you find it. Do not stop before. Go to the limit; and beyond. We should practice surrender to the utmost limit. Not only little dedication and then big expectation. Opposite – full service, full dedication and no expectation. You know: no expectation, no frustration.

It is said: with scientific explanations or deep understanding, but either by much listening or paying attention – you cannot reach the Lord. Only those will reach Him whom He chooses. So ultimately we depend on His choice. But for such a person, whom He chooses, He will show Himself in reality. So, if you will belong to the feeling elite, you can be part of the chosen ones. We have to prepare ourselves for this journey.

[1] “Bhagavad-gita” 3.21

[2] “Shrimad-bhagavatam” 2.9.36

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