Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Kripadham: Gurudev, is it necessary all siddhis to be present in the person that has achieved perfection?

Tirtha Maharaj: Not necessary.

Kripadham: For example, if one is a devotee it does not matter if he has siddhi or doesn’t have?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. Because siddhi is just like the ability to sing – one person can do, the other person can do also, but not very good. So this is secondary, side effect of spiritual goal. And if somebody has siddhi it does not mean that he is spiritually elevated.

Kripadham: This was my question, Devotion don’t depends on the siddhi.

Tirtha Maharaj: Devotion does not depend on the siddhis, it does not depend on the light show or the smoke either. But anyway we should respect what people achieved. Still we should be able to see the true reality of those siddhis. But even in the bona fide yoga practices they know that these are not goals, these are instruments to achieve something else, something higher. So we should not misconceive or misunderstand these processes, they are not goals in themselves, but rather they are instruments to achieve amrita, or eternity, or to find the way out from this material universe, to achieve liberation – basically these are the goals of mystical yoga practices.

Kripadham: Gurudev, how is possible for somebody actually to achieve these siddhis, but to use not for good purpose? Why God give him this kind of power?

Tirtha Maharaj: Ah, God gives very easy these small, insignificant things that are very easy to obtain. But bhakti – this is difficult to obtain. When we say that Krishna satisfies all the desires, don’t think that He satisfies only your devotional desires. If other people have different desires, Krishna will satisfy them. He provides everything. Whatever you like, you can get it. This is the Universal Mall – whatever you like you can get it.

Kripadham: If somebody wants to be a devotee, but his desire is not so strong, like that of another, who wants to be powerful. Which desire God will satisfy more easily?

Tirtha Maharaj: It is easy for Him to satisfy any desire. But as Krishna is inclined to His devotees, He is a little partial with those who love Him, therefore I say that He will find a way to attract his lazy devotee.

Kripadham: I am asking because sometimes we are trying to act like a devotee, but very often we fall in maya, represented by some maya representative, like powerful man or powerful woman, kama. And I am just thinking how Krishna protects this kind of people and what is the correct way they not to be influenced.

Tirtha Maharaj: The previous chapter discusses this question, because – you remember – it said that sometimes you are not free from the control of the gunas or other influence. But a devotee is not generally overpowered by them. Sometimes he is overpowered, but not generally, not all the time, not any time. Why? Because of dedication. So dedication is so powerful, devotion is so powerful that it will finally liberate and save the person from this conditioned stage. This is the point. Therefore we believe that by dedicating ourselves to Krishna’s service and always being under the guidance, being under the protection, chanting the names, doing our service, associating with the devotees, studying the scriptures – as it is mentioned as the basic principles of our spiritual life, we should never give them up! Because that means that I am committed, I am doing my offering to Krishna and then the results we leave up to Him – whatever He gives, we accept. If He takes nice care of us, we accept; if we have some troubles, we also accept – this is due to our previous actions that fructify. So even if this fallen situation might happen, we should not be discouraged or depressed – go on with your service in a jolly mood, in a happy mood, with some bliss, although you know that you have committed some mistakes. In certain respect we are not hundred percent pure, we are conditioned by certain previous difficulties or limits. We should not be depressed but better go on with the service and pray for total purification. Because Krishna can liberate in one moment, in one second. It is not a big job for Him. We only have to show our willingness as soon as he invites us. I think this is the preparation, this is the time of sadhana, we should be ready, we should prepare ourselves to go as soon as He calls us.

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