June 2022


Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Kripadham: A practical question. For example, somebody is close to us in some respect – in family or otherwise – and he does not respect enough our spiritual master, directly showing offensive attitude, and we see that without knowing the person he has an opinion. The question is: what is the result of such a meditation for this person? Is the fact that he is connecting his mind to a holy person enough that he will get good results, although he might be offensive towards this person – like Kamsa, who was offensive towards Krishna, still he got some good results, moksha?

Swami Tirtha: I would say ‘yes’ – in a very hopeful way I would say ‘yes’. Because if you ask that pure saintly person, whether he takes the offences or not – definitely he will not take the offence. But Krishna does not really like if somebody is offensive with His devotees. Yet it depends on us also how we represent our saints. Because you can represent the softest and the most elevated saint in such a way that everybody will be offended. While we can see that today’s media can represent the most insignificant person in such a way that everybody will be astonished. Right? So it depends on us also, how we represent.

Once when I was living in Gyor they stole my bicycle from in front of the house where I was living. When I saw it, somehow I was a little wondering there what to do. Some other people came from the same house and somehow we started a discussion that ‘This bicycle is missing from here. It was here, but now it’s not here…’ Then they said: “Ah, maybe it belonged to that Krishna-person”. And somehow they had not a very pleasant opinion about that person. “Did you meet him?” – I asked. “No, we did not meet him, but he is not nice.” Talking to me – who was that person they’ve never met – in a friendly way: “Well, to you we can tell that he is not very nice.” But I also had to add something, I told them: “I know that person, he is not that bad.” So, it depends on the representation also.

But there was another case in the same house. At that time we did not have any telephone connections, only one old couple had a telephone in the house. So once the devotees sent a message through them, involving them. And they were very-very nice gentle persons, rather elderly. Nothing special – just telling this message, saying ‘hello’ when meeting in the corridor. And then the old man had to be taken to the hospital and soon he died. Then the wife later told us that on his deathbed he was remembering the devotees. So, even if somebody transmits a message, in the last moment he is thinking of the devotees. Krishna’s ways are unlimited. He can help people in very incredible ways. Therefore we have to represent Him and our masters, and our brothers, our sisters in a nice way. So that anybody who comes in contact with you should remember in a positive way.

But we should try to defend the dignity of our mission, of our God, of our superiors, of our faith. Sometimes strongly, sometimes in a gentle way, yet we should show that this is important for us.


(to be continued)


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