Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We had one cow – she was very unusual. After many, many months the baby grown up, so she should stop giving milk, but she was giving – after one, one and a half, two years, very long time. Every day she was giving one liter of milk. Very little, but permanent. But when there was a celebration or some devotees were coming – she was giving one and a half liter. She was feeling: now more is necessary, I’ll give more. She was very, very nice…


In that time devotees were really poor, poor like anything….They could make sabji only from the weeds in the garden – because weeds were enough in the garden. There are special types which are very good! And may be some little flour was there in the kitchen – practically nothing! Loboda – have you made shak from loboda? It’s very good! O, it’s the best! And then the only thing was the cow to give some little milk. These were very nice days… Well, nice in the memories, not so easy to live… But then we could understand how we depend on divine mercy. And it’s very easy to go on fasting when there IS food. Because then it’s your choice. But when there is no food… then this is Krishna’s choice. Then it’s more difficult to follow.

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