Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

You remember the old story about the old sannyasi and the young disciple about the bread? They were supposed to start on a journey next morning. And the young boy said: “O swamiji, I can put some bread in our bags, what do you think?” He said: “No, my dear boy, we should depend on divine mercy, you just don’t bother, just depend on Krishna’s grace.” But you know, to control the senses is quite difficult. And our boy said to himself: “O, traveling tomorrow whole day with empty stomach?! Mercy is there, Krishna is there, all right… But still I will take some little bread.” So next morning they started on the journey and after few hours of walking, walking, walking our young man started to feel some urge. And the swamiji also noticed: “O, my boy is becoming slower and slower…” So finally he asked: “It’s getting late, are you not hungry?” And our boy said: “O, yes, yes, I’m very hungry!” Swamiji said: “But what can we do, we didn’t meet anybody – no house, no friends… There is no supply, we should go further.” “But swamiji, I have taken care. I put some bread in our bag.” Then the swami said: “All right, just give it to me!” And he ate all the bread alone. So the brahmachari was upset: “How is that, you ate everything for yourself!? I was taking care and you eat – how is that?!” And he said: “You see? It just goes according to the instructions. Because I was depending on divine mercy and I was supplied. You didn’t followed my advice – you lost.”

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