Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Fortunately, we have many saints. And it is very useful to pray to them, because they can extend protection and guidance to us. Actually this is the way to come in contact with the superior devotees: commemorate their days, pray to them and meditate on them. So if somebody receives darshan with the six goswamis, this is not some strange voice or some ghost miracle. But this is one certain level of reality. So I wish you could have a darshan with the goswamis, because they will tell you how to surrender to Radha-Krishna’s service. For example, just imagine, if you meet the goswamis – what would you ask?

Hari-lila: I would ask them to give me the goal of life.

Tirtha Maharaj: The goal of life a devotee should understand during one week maximum. If you seat on the lectures for years and you don’t know what is the goal of life, it is your mistake. But how to achieve that goal – this is the question. And that we have to learn, inquire, search. So if you meet the goswamis, ask them in tears: “How can I achieve the goal of my life?” But many times people think: “Well, if I meet the goswamis, of course I would behave like this.” But when you meet a pure devotee, when you meet your guru, what do you ask? “I have this material problem – can you solve it? I have no money – can you help me? I have no husband – can you help me? I have a husband – can you help me?” Gramya-katha, and not krishna-katha. Then you meet the goswamis and say: “Hey, I have this and this problem – can you help me?”

Do not be stupid, just like the old lady. Once there was an old lady. Her dharma was to carry wood on her shoulders. She was simple-minded and she was always praying to Lord Narayana. One day she was carrying a very heavy load. So heavy, that she had to stop and put it down a little bit, to take some little rest. And when she wanted to start again, she was watching the big pile of wood and she said: “Ah, my God! It is impossible to lift it again.” And she started to cry and pray: “O my Lord, O Narayana!” She was praying so heartbreakingly that Narayana appeared. “You were calling for Me, o my dear daughter. What can I do for you? Your prayers are so deep and so sincere – I will fulfill your desire, whatever you want”. And she said: “Can You put this load back on my shoulders?” Narayana said: “Yes,” put back the load and disappeared.

So, if you meet Narayana, do not ask your load back on your shoulder. Do not be stupid, do not waste time.


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