Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

People have different understandings about guru. In many cases we want to enjoy his protection. And in many cases we forget to pay the price, to give something. But this is quite normal: untill we are children in spiritual life we only learn how to take, take, take. But guru with his example teaches us how to give, give, give. And real guru does not demand service for himself.
Real guru never says: “Worship me, serve me.” He always says: “Worship the Lord and serve the devotees.” And in our spiritual tradition our position is das or dasi, servant. That means, everybody is higher than us. So we should be very respectful and humble with everybody.
Can we explain how guru appears in our life? I don’t think that we can explain. He is just like a lightening – coming and bringing the light. What was so difficult and so dark before, now is very obvious and very easy. Why? Guru makes a miracle over you? He is a magician, saying some magic mantras over you? Yes, there are some mantras… But the magic is on a different level. Guru has the potential to bring the magic out of you. He is just like catalizing you. Because the main thing is in the disciple, in the reception of the disciple. Guru has something to give. But the disciple has to be ready to accept. And if you are ready to accept, then the miracles start to happen. Sometimes the recognition of guru is very fast, other times it takes some time – but whenever it comes, fortune in our life starts.
What do you say when you surrender: “I’m your eternal servant.” Not momentary servant. Today yes, tomorrow – may be… No, I’m your eternal servent. Eternal means “from today on. I’m always following you.” This is also one sense of eternity.
And as we were discussing, the disciple can always say “no”. But the guru can never say “no”. Because he is representing divine mercy. How can mercy say “no” to you?! Mercy cannot say “no”! Mercy can only say ”yes”. So you also should be merciful with your spiritual masters. You should also say “yes”.
The special power of the devotee is surrender. And we are so fortunate if there is a person, to whom we can surrender. What is the feeling of a devotee when he surrenders? He will feel: “O! Now I have my home. I have my protection. I have my master.” This is a fantastic feeling! “I was searching for friends and I had met my brothers and sisters. I was searching for God and I had met love! I was living in darkness, but somebody with gentle fire brought me illumination.”
If you surrender you will be able to fly! Try it! You will not walk – you will run! You will not swim – you will fly! You will not live – you will achieve existence. You will not simply be happy but you will enjoy. Therefor the guru connection is very special. By his mercy you will get your wings. Guru does not want to push you down into the mud. He wants to make you fly. He wants to give your soul the wings to fly.
It is a different life if you meet your master. Dimensions start to change. Time is not passing by, but you can perceive eternity. And space will be reshaped, space will lose its original form. So you can feel, you can perceive very special feelings in the company of Sri Guru. There is divine atmosphere around the spiritual master. Because he is representing the spiritual sky.
When I was trying to join the devotees somehow my brothers were so generous, that they arranged a meeting with my future spiritual master. And all of a sudden a white angel walked into my room. It was so obvious what to do after. And he asked: “How translation is going on?” And I said: “Slowly.” He said: “That’s not good, it should be fast.” And from this very moment things start to happen. So beware! If you don’t want to dance – don’t meet spiritual masters. Because they want to dance. And they are searching for partners for this dance. So if you are not ready to dance…
But of cource we are all ready to dance. Because the heart and soul are always smiling, singing and dancing. And the presence of Sri Guru, the presence of Gurudev is very sweet and at the same time it’s very substantial. But the real meaning of his you can appreciate in the absence, unfortunately. Therefor I can suggest to everyone: do it untill you can do. Don’t lose a moment! Whatever service you can do tomorrow – do it today. Don’t miss the opportunity. Devotional life is not provided. It’s not sure that tomorrow you can do the same. So we should do it today.
And to miss or to be separated from the spiritual master – this is the greatest disaster for a disciple. Still I feel very fortunate myself. Because after the departure of the spiritual master he returns to the disciple. He returnes in a very special form. He returns in the form of disciple. He multiplies himself and returns in a number of disciples. So my one eye is crying and the other eye is smiling. Because my master had passed away, but you had come to me. And I try to serve him through you. So you are my spiritual masters. Therefor when somebody asks me: “How many disciples you have?” I always say: “None.” I have no disciples. I have only masters to serve.
I don’t know if you agree or not, but please, think! What is better – to lead or to serve? Try to choose it for yourself.

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