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curse and blessing

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The massive power, the energetic power and the light power also have some influence on our faith, on the construction of our faith. And according to this verse it is said that we should develop a certain type of faith, according to these qualities. So if somebody is a light type, he will have a light type of faith. If somebody is an energetic type, he will have a very active religion. And if somebody is very massive, he will have a tamasic religion. But if we take it in a positive sense it means he will be fixed.

Because even the gunas, even these material qualities, can be transferred into spiritual qualities. What is tamas in the spiritual sense? What is darkness?

Yashoda: Vipralambha[1].

Tirtha Maharaj: No, I thought that this is Krishna as a black God, dark Lord. But anyway, you can have different explanations. Then on the spiritual platform massive will mean fixed, rajasic will mean active principle, and sattvic will mean very good intention, focus on the perfect goal.

So, as we have learned that there are these three different qualities, now we have the instrument to judge others: “Prabhuji, your faith is very tamasic today!” Or you can judge another person: “Pff, he is a rajasic bhakta!” Never commit this mistake. This is not for judging others; this is for facing yourself in the mirror.

Just recently I was discussing with a devotee and he told me one story that: “Once I was so frustrated, that I cursed a person.” I said: “Baba! Cursing someone – this is not nice!” “Yes, but I have cursed him so that he should be purified of all his sins.” I did not have any answer to that curse.

But if you allow me to be very personal, one year ago somebody cursed me. When I started to come here, to Sofia, immediately after crossing the border, somebody called me on the phone, of course they know it is more expensive outside, and for half an hour somebody explained me that: “I will curse you! I will curse you that you should never be able to sleep peacefully until you do not correct one of your mistakes.” I said: “Only one mistake?! Ah, you are very merciful today.” And, you know, time was passing by, I was sleeping very peacefully, but I could not correct this mistake. But during the process of this year, with the help of so many other devotees, somehow this heavy mistake was evaporated. Just like a ghost, disappearing like nothing! So, when I met this person after one year who was so glorious to curse me, I told this person: “Thank you for your curse! You are a bramin and the curse of a bramin works. That mistake is gone due to your curse. And as the curse of a bramin is so strong, can you please bless me?”

So, if you curse someone – of course cursing is not a very nice practice, so please, if you go around in Sofia do not curse people here and there – nevertheless, if you have to curse someone, curse him in such a way that he or she should become a very pure devotee. Because such a curse will become a blessing. And this is not a joke. When I heard this curse one year ago I thought: “Wow! This is something unusual; I have never heard that in my life – somebody directly cursing you on the phone.” Before I had the feeling sometimes that maybe somebody is cursing me, but now it was so obvious, so direct. Of course meanwhile I could also feel that this is a blessing in disguise. Yet at that time I could not see, in no way, the solution! There was no exit from the situation. Have you been in such situation when there is no exit, no solution? Sometimes it happens. But as this curse has turned into a blessing, I was very happy. Sometimes blessings come in disguise. Other times curse comes in disguise. But whatever a vaishnava gives to you, you should be satisfied with that. And this is the power of a vaishnava.

You can obtain, you can develop your faith according to your nature. So we should be very careful about what nature we have. And if you look into the mirror you will see what the type of your faith is.

[1] separation

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