Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

What is the origin of fear? The main source of fear is ignorance; if we do not know, do not feel the harmony of the existence, then we are afraid what’s going to happen. But it is said that “for a surrendered soul there is no fear”. That means that you should be very much surrendered to the goal. Otherwise you cannot achieve fearless position. What does it mean this surrendered position – that you just jump into the lap of the loving God. And whatever comes, you accept with a peaceful heart. We were discussing – when the stars and the moon and the sun are just falling off and the earth is moving apart, still your faith should be unshaken. That kind of fearlessness is not for the beginners. It is only for those, whom we try to follow.

And how to achieve this fearless position? By purification of the existence. Because first is existence, sat. By purifying the existence you can come to the fearless position of chit, understanding – how things are.

So there must be some cultivation of spiritual knowledge. Of course not an empty and dry knowledge simply, but rather we can say wisdom, spiritual wisdom. Because you can loose your way by knowledge. And you can support ANY idea from the scriptures. Any! Whatever you choose, whatever you tell me – you can support it from the Vedas. Just like in the Bible it is said: “God does not exist.” It’s written in the Bible! How is that, you say. But if you complete the sentence: “God does not exist – says the fool.” So don’t pick half of the sentences, but take the full message. Cultivation of knowledge should come to some good result. From the result you can judge the tree. Therefore if somebody says “Hey, this practice, or this guru, or this line is not bona fide” – all thought the fruits are very good – then this maxim should be applied: that from the fruit we can understand the tree. Criticism so many times is there….

Anyway, sannyasi should cultivate knowledge in order to come for himself to some more fixed point of view and also to help others by setting the standards. And purification of the existence is necessary to support the realizations, to validate so to say. Because if we hear a very nice message but we see a very bad practice, it’s again not a full picture.

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