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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.01.2016 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Imagine yourselves on a lonely island; you have survived the first night. And what happens at dawn? You expect the light to come. This beautiful symbol that happens every day in this world – that the light appears – this helps us to understand how we should proceed. We have to be there on time. We have to be full of expectations. Never mind that we are still in darkness, but we are facing the light. And we are sure it will come. The first rays… even before the first rays come, the hue will tell us. All of a sudden this lonely island becomes inhabited. And you know, when on the horizon the first touch of the sun disc appears, immediately there is a big change. Until that moment the darkness prevailed; from that first ray, the light has overcome. Then in a very few short moments the full sun disc appears on the horizon. And just as the sun disc will reveal everything around us, in the same way if on the horizon of our heart and soul the spiritual sun appears, it will shed light on everything. No darkness, no sufferings, no misconceptions anymore. Everything is crystal clear. Crystal clear who am I. I’m a spiritual soul. Crystal clear where I belong. I belong to the Supreme. And crystal clear what is the nature of our connection. It’s based on affection. Therefore we have to pray to this divine sun to appear on the horizon of our heart and soul.

The sun is the eye of the Supreme Lord Krishna – to observe us during the daytime. And this is the eye of a well-wisher. It’s not the eye of a judge, it’s not the eye of a spy – it’s the eye of our well-wisher. What happens at sunsets? Then the other eye of the Supreme reveals in the sky. The full moon is the other eye of our well-wisher – to observe you when you are sleeping. Our Lord has two eyes, just like you and me. Day and night He is observing us in a well-wishing manner, so that we awake.

Some of you want to join the circle of meditation – this is called circle of shelter. What is the nature of this meditation? All those who participate chant one mantra. Mantra is for liberation of our mind and consciousness. And this mantra is very simple: Asato maa sad gamaya… you know it. So that from the unreal we could come to the real. From the darkness we could come to the light. And from death we could reach immortality. We have to pray, we have to do something about our own spiritual progress. Not simply wait until it happens; we have to be active participants in our own salvation, so to say.

In this circle of meditation we have some brothers and sisters doing that in Hungary and in many places all over the world, here in Sofia also. We repeat this mantra 108 times. Why 108? Why not 100? Well, 108 is a very important number. Is anybody here well-versed in astronomy? What do you think, how much the distance between the Moon and the Earth is bigger than the diameter if the Moon?

Answers: 108.

Swami Tirtha: Correct! I see you are very well informed in astronomy. It’s 108. Let me ask you another question: how much the distance between the Sun and the Earth is greater than the diameter of the Sun? What is your guess? I think it’s not so very difficult. Actually this is 108. If you use your second brain, Google, and you check the real numbers based on today’s measurements, you will find this is like 107.6, or 109.2, or something like this. But the proportion is 108, right? This information is not provided in the universities, not provided in the scientific academies; yet now you know it. It’s a very mystic cosmic proportion. So, if you chant our mantras 108 times, then you are in tune with this cosmic order. This is so important to find a harmonious connection to this world, to perceive the divine presence and the divine order in this beautiful cosmic structure.

(to be continued)


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