Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 29.09.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

The grand-master level of exposing the truth is when it’s so very surcharged with affection that the person doesn’t even think of any offence; he is not hurt. Actually this practice we can learn from our shastras. From krishna-lila you can understand how to expose to others their true face.

You know, Krishna is moving too fast – running here and there, always boiling you in the apprehension that He will go. How to stop a person from running up and down? Any ideas?

Somebody: Shoot him!

Swami Tirtha: Actually that was chosen by Krishna to leave the planet. He let Himself be shot. But we understood that we should start from ahimsa, right. Don’t kill others – this was the first message. So if you want to stop somebody from running up and down, maybe you can catch his hand. But what will happen? He is so strong that he will pull you along with himself. It’s not enough; catching the hand is not enough. So what to catch?

Answer: The heart.

Swami Tirtha: Ah, the heart – it’s romantic. It’s very nice, but be practical.

Somebody: Give him sugar and ghee.

Swami Tirtha: And then he will run to the sweets – good idea. But if you catch his feet, he cannot escape. This is one suggestion that the gopis followed: if you want to catch Krishna, catch His lotus feet and give them a little massage. And then He will feel very satisfied. He is also a good candidate for maha-vrata – practicing perfect contentment. You give Him a little caress and He feels happy – not moving, enjoying the situation. But then the gopis came with the message – when He was not able to move. “What is Your conception about love? What do You know about love? What kind of lover are You?” Krishna starts to feel uneasy. ‘My God, I’m on the hook!’ But this is very scientific, because then they start to explain: “There are three types of lovers. First category: who shares if he receives – so when he receives some love, he will respond to it. First class. Second is so full of emotions that even if he doesn’t receive, he will share. Third type: whether he receives or not, he is not sharing anything. What kind of lover are You?”

So, if you want to give a strong message to your partner, your devotee friend, your husband, your wife – first catch their feet. First give the service, right? Make him or her feel satisfied. And then come with the message. “What kind of lover are you? What do you know, what is your conception about love? Because we have a scientific understanding of that.”

This is our maha-vrata – to catch the lotus feet of God; and then your heart will also be captured, then your ability to serve with butter and sugar will be included. Then you don’t need any other technical control of the mind. You are simply there! You have no second thought. This is your first reality.

So, to be fully competent in maha-vrata, this is our suggestion. “Crystal-clear dedication to the Supreme, compassionate feelings towards other living entities and the ability to harmonize all the different aspects of daily life with the divine truth. This is the cream of spiritual advice for all those who are searching for the essence of the absolute truth.”

So this is my humble offer for you. Try to embrace these three principles in your heart and in our daily life: crystal-clear dedication, compassion and harmony.

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