Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

This is how the treasurelandofVrindavanais described: the trees, out of ecstasy, are always showering nectar and the flowers are just falling off from the trees. Flowers are just pouring down like flower offerings from demigods from the sky. This is the way how the trees and the plants are expressing their devotion toKrishna– they bring flowers, they bring fruits.

You are just like a tree. Where are your flowers and fruits? You have to grow in spiritual life and be fruitful. To have something to offer toKrishna.

Even trees were showering flowers upon Krishnawhen He was passing by. And you know, in Indiathere are so many different plants and trees, and birds, and animals! According to the vision of the vaishnavas, everything is connected toKrishna. There are some special trees, which can blossom only after they are touched by a loving lady, lady in love. Others blossom only during the night. Another tree is black likeKrishna… and so many others…

And the birds also; because trees without birds are not nice. Everybody knows that Shuka means parrot. But Shuka is a he-parrot. AndShariis the she-parrot. Parrot is always repeating, always talking. But the spiritual parrot is talking about Radha andKrishna. And you know, sometimes people keep parrots as pet animals; they can learn human voice, human words. Therefore it is very dangerous if you have secrets to have parrots. Because you speak your secret only to a selected few, but if the parrot hears, then he will say it.

Still, Radharani andKrishnawere using the parrots as messengers. Because they can tell the message! If the bodies are limited, obstructed from meeting, messengers can help. Sometimes you can have human messengers, but sometimes even this is forbidden or impossible.

Our hearts and souls are just behind high and thick walls. You cannot push through these stones. But if you let your parrot free, he can fly above the walls. So, send a messenger toKrishna! And He will send also a messenger to you.

Vrindavana is full of miracles. And, you know, this is very strange, but is mentioned that the trees have precious stones under their roots. I never understood this verse – until… Did I tell you the story? …Until once I was doing parikrama in Vrindavana. Parikrama marga[1] is going all around Vrindavana. We were visiting the different places and the different lila spots of Krishna. Previously it was a dirt road and then they started to pave it – with bricks! – which makes it very difficult to go, because in the dirt usually you go barefoot, and it takes minimum two – two and a half hours, but you go fast, you need to go fast! Sometimes you see only the dirt. But once after finishing the big circle I was just approaching the ashram, still on the parikrama marga, and you know, while chanting I was just looking down. And all of a sudden there was some little precious stone. I could not believe my eyes! Because that part of parikrama marga was crossing pile of garbage. And there was this precious stone! So maybe Krishna was trying to impress: yes, under the roots of Vrindavana trees there are some precious stones. Sometimes these little things make you think and believe what is written in the shastras or in the books.

The goswamis, in such a beautiful setting, were always worshiping Radha andKrishna. This is also an important point to remember. Nature is beautiful; but without the devotees, it is a frozen beauty. Maybe one place is hellish; but if the devotees are there, it becomes heaven. Because of the vibration and the atmosphere that a pure devotee brings. So, you all should create such a vibration in your respective areas. In your families, in your homes, in your ashrams, in your hearts. Create a Vrindavana in your heart. Because in Vrindavana you cannot do anything else than worship Radha-Krishna.

You know, there the riksha-drivers are very famous. Sometimes these riksha-drivers are so poor, that they do not even have a ring bell. The whole riksha is falling apart, but still they try to earn their money by this. And without having a ringing bell on the very small road – they have very small roads – and quite many people, and their traffic is chaotic, so without this… You can imagine what is happening – thousands of pilgrims are moving on very narrow streets and the rikshas are coming. So when they want to give a sign, a signal that “I am coming!”, they say “Radhe, Radhe!” Even the riksha-driver makes you to remember Radha.

Or – they also have these graphites in Vrindavan, Vrindavan graphites. Here certain stupid things are written on the walls; there: “Always remember Radha!” Next wall: “And never forget Her!” Only auspicious marks are there. In such a surrounding it is very easy to remember and worship. But it is said, it is more glorious to create Vrindavana atmosphere somewhere else.

And they were talented; the goswamis were very much talented. And you are also talented! Use your talents for the best purpose – to give people this treasure of divine love.

[1] parikrama marga – parikrama (pilgrimage to holy sites); marga  (pathway)

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