Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(continues from the previous Monday)

Kaviraj Goswami says: “Ah, please, Shrimati Radhika, grant me a service at Your lotus feet.” Then he goes on describing Her beauties. “Her patterned dazzling silken sari surpasses the magnificence of coral. She is like a blooming flower garland for the pleasure pastime of that inebriated black bee, Shri Krishna. She worships the sun god to be eternally united with Shri Krishna. May that Shrimati Radhika grant me service to Her lotus feet.”

Silken sari. And the color of that sari is more beautiful, more charming than the color or coral. Red color is for life. Red color is for love. Red color is for energy. Red color is for us – to invite, to show you the most important point.

Shrimati Radharani is like a blooming flower garland for the bumblebee, the black bee Krishna. What is the nature of a bee? The nature of the bee is that it collects the nectar from one flower to the other. Collecting little here, collecting little there. Bumblebees have this nature – flying here and there, thinking that there is multiplicity of flowers. And our dark bumblebee also thinks that there are many flowers: “From one I can go to the other, the third…” But actually He is mistaken. All the garden is only one flower, in different forms. Whatever varieties this bumble-bee wants to enjoy is provided by the one flower, the ultimate flower.

If you ever had a garden, you will understand the next sentence, that the flowers worship the sun. They always turn towards the sun, they grow towards the sun. And they open to the sun, like an aerial, like an antenna – to get all the power of the sun. Why the flower opens the petals? To invite the bees. So Shrimati Radharani worships the sun god, opens Her petals, only to invite the black bumblebee: “Here I am, come, I am here for You!” Therefore we pray that this Shrimati Radhika engages us in Her service.

“Her skin is softer than a cluster of newly blossomed flowers. Her refreshingly cool transcendental body is respectfully served by cool objects like camphor, sandalwood, lotus flower and moon’s rays. Her mere touch extinguishes the inferno of amorous desire  felt by Shri Krishna, the Lord of the gopi damsels of Vraja. May that Shrimati Radhika grant me service to Her lotus feet.”

Well, from time to time I check the skin of my grandsons and granddaughters and with Matey I have found that his skin is very soft. But I think that even the softness of Matey’s skin is nothing, it’s like a sturdy, heavy, rusty material compared to the softness of Shrimati Radharani’s skin. Can we check that? No way. There is only one way to check that – if you ask Krishna. If you collect all the soft materials in the world – like the skin of a peach or the best French velvet, whatever soft – and you bring all this stuff together and invite Krishna: “Can You choose if something reminds You of the tenderness of Shrimati Radharani’s skin?” I think He will be dissatisfied. No comparison!

And Her refreshingly cool transcendental body is served by all cool objects of the creation. Cool body?! What is that?! Usually we like hot bodies, right? If something is too cool, then you step back. But if your temperature is high enough, then the normal will be very cool. So it depends on your temperature. And from the verse we can understand that the temperature of Krishna is quite high, it’s a hellish burning fire of love. Therefore Shrimati Radharani’s cool body is served by cool substances like camphor. Camphor – that was bringing the flames in the morning offering, camphor. So the cool camphor can burn with great flames. What is the other substance mentioned here? Sandalwood. If you have the sandalwood powder by itself, you make a little pile of it and you burn it, you don’t have to add anything to it like a burning material, it burns by itself. So again, a cooling object can burn. Just like the cooling camphor can burn with high flames. And I don’t mention now the temperature of the cool lotus flower, we cannot enter into details in that respect. But from this you can understand the mystic transformation. The cool camphor or the cooling sandalwood starts to burn with flames. So the transcendentally cooling body of Shrimati Radharani… We don’t go into details. May that Shrimati Radharani engages us in Her service!


(to be continued)


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