Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 3 of September 2006, Sofia)
Krishna is a tricky guy. From the cheaters He is the best. He is greatest we can say, He is the divine cheater. But once – I think I told you the story already, so sorry for repeating it, but that’s a nice story – Krishna had the desire to meet Radhika during the day. And you know, during the night there is no problem, everybody is sleeping, nobody is watching – They can meet as They want after sunset. But during the day it’s a little problematic. All the people in the village can see, and they try to forbid, and you know, it’s against morals, but Krishna had this urgent desire “I want to meet Her right now, here and now!” And in this moment a certain fever, a certain disease manifested in Him.
Usually Krishna was playing with the friends, the gopals. And Sudham immediately understood that Krishna has some pain, He has changed, “What is happening to you, o Krishna?” And Krishna said: “My heart just breaks if I cannot see Radhika right now! Bring Her, I want to see Her!” Then Sudham said: “Now?! How can I ?! It’s impossible!” And then Krishna said: “Impossible exists only in the vocabulary of fools! Do something! Bring Her! I die if I cannot see Her!”
Sudham was a cute boy and fortunately he resembled Radhika very much. So he approached the home of Radharani and told secretly: “Krishna wants to meet You! What shall we do?” And Radhika said: “Now?! O, it’s impossible, my parents are here, everybody is here, I cannot go. But… I have an idea.” So because they were resembling each other very much, they exchanged the cloths. They disguised each other so to say, and Sudham dressed as Radharani stayed at home and Radharani, dressed as Sudham, was still starting to go. And then Jatila and Kutila, who were always trying to curb Their meetings, appeared. And they said to Radhika: Hey, Sudham, you are here? Very nice, what is happening?” And She had to invent something and said: “You know, one calf is missing and Krishna is very worried, so I came for some little help.” So Krishna, Govinda, is searching for one little cow, missing form the group. Again, find the symbolism. Then they gave him (or Her) one calf and said: “All right, you can take it, in this way Krishna will be satisfied. But don’t disturb our Radhika! She stays with us, She doesn’t go,”
So She went, disguised as Sudham. And soon She met Krishna. Krishna said: “O Sudham! You could not bring Radhika?!” And She said: “No, no, no, this time it was impossible to bring Her.” So She started to play the trick with Krishna. But if Krishna is tricky, She is, I can tell, cruel sometimes. Because then She made an offer: “You know, I could not bring Radhika, but Chandravali is available.” You know, Chandravali is always obedient to Krishna. She always says “Yes.” Radhika is ready to say “No!” to Krishna.
Again try to understand the story – somebody says “no” to God. Since the beginning of our religious studies everybody told us to say “yes” to God, right? And now we are talking about and we are worshiping someone, who says “no” to God! This is mind-blowing idea!
But Krishna was almost dying due to the separation. And then Sudham comes with this offer of Chandravali? This was just like a dead blow on Him, an ultimate punch. So He could hardly reply, but He said: “I want milk; I will not be satisfied with yogurt.” Then Radhika started to exercise her mercy: “Hey You! You didn’t recognize me! I’m Her.”
We might think, that this is an idyllic story. But if you analyze this, you will understand what is Bhakti about.
Is it possible for anybody to cheat Her? If She can cheat the cheater God… I think it’s not Krishna who is best, it’s Her. Krishna is the ultimate source, but the best of His energies are manifested in Her. He has invested His best part, His most powerful part in Her. And in the moment She manifested, He became a slave. He lost His independence.
So… if not even Krishna cannot cheat Radhika, we should not try either. We should be good devotees, because we cannot cheat Her. She is checking out the hearts. Because She protects Krishna also. And if somebody is approaching with an impure intention, She will protect Krishna, will not let in.

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