Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Today we came together for joint celebration of divinity. We shall continue our readings from this beautiful revelation, the “Bhagavad Gita”. This is the sixteenth chapter. This is a little difficult chapter to hear, because it describes the possible mistakes of the human nature and behaviour. And usually we don’t like to listen to our shortcomings. Nevertheless without understanding ourselves and facing our realities, we cannot come closer to the higher reality.

O son of Pṛthā, in this world there are two kinds of created beings. One is called the divine and the other demoniac. I have already explained to you at length the divine qualities. Now hear from Me of the demoniac.”[1]

The beginning of this verse is very strict – two types of beings: one good, one bad. There is only darkness or light. On which side you are? Which side you want to be?

Kripadham: On the bright side we want to be.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, usually we want to be on the bright side. But to do some efforts to achieve that – we are not very much willing to contribute. If there is a certain divine wind that will take us to heaven – good. But that I also have to work hard…?

We want an easy way to perfection. Easy, quiet, peaceful, convenient shortcut to happiness. Why? Because the water is always running downwards. Humans are always trying to find the easier way. But, tell me, please – is there an easier way at all? No! There is no shortcut, there is no easier way, there is no easier, more convenient life. Many times we think: “Ah, my life is very burdensome, but your life is so easy!” And what will be the opinion of the other person? “No, no, no! My life is more difficult than your life. It is very easy.” So, from this you can understand that the life of each and every one of us is… well, I would not say difficult, but it’s got some tests. And although it looks like that the grass is greener in the neighbourhood, it is not. Just go to the next door and look at your garden. Same green. But you know the shortcomings of your own garden and you know how much effort you have invested into your grass and still it’s not coming nice. And you think that maybe the neighbour has got another better fertilizer.

So there is no easier way. We all have to struggle to achieve our goals. If you have simple and cheap goals, you can reach them easily. If you have high and precious goals, you have to work harder.

Just as it is said, if you sell golden rings, many people will inquire, but very few will be ready to pay the price. But to obtain a golden ring, you have to pay the price. Sometimes on the market you will find little dark-skinned people selling golden rings by the corner. But this is Brazilian gold and it’s cheap. So you can have your cheap golden rings. But if we want to find the treasures of life, we have to dig deep. We have to do some efforts.

To stay in light or to be on the good side, it takes some efforts, it needs some efforts. But we should know that human efforts are not enough. We need something more and this is the divine blessings. So it’s always two sides of the story: one is our efforts and the other is the divine help extended to us.

[1] Bhagavad Gita 16.6

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