Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

”O Brahma, just follow this conclusion by fixed concentration of mind, and no pride will disturb you, neither in the partial nor in the final devastation.”[1]

Generally people are living in very peaceful conditions. The amplitude of their life is not very big. No high peaks and no deep wells. Simple peaceful and boring life. Nothing happens, no disturbance, outside and inside everything is fine. The life of Brahma was a little different. Because just imagine yourself: all of a sudden you happen to be on a lonely island. Rather we say – stranded in a lonely universe. At the first time Brahma was alone and he had a very great task – to accomplish the duty of secondary creation. This is quite a demanding task. Not only to create your small little flat – to create the whole universe! He was trying to search for the origin. Even in this search he was very deeply penetrating, but never reaching the end. Then he started to change his method, because in the first moment he was trying with the experimental method. He wanted to observe what is going on; then he understood that it is impossible. And then he started with austerity and meditation. Then he had understood what to do by the divine inspiration given to him through the heart. And then these verses tell about his meeting with God Supreme,Krishna. So I think he has got all the reasons to be proud – having a very prestigious position, first and highest intellect in the universe, direct meeting with God, demanding job, knowledge, assets, everything. StillKrishnawas instructing him about different topics.

Just to clarify the situation first of all He told: “I was here, I am here and I will be here.” Because Brahma’s lifetime equals to the lifetime of the universe. It is very long period, but still it is insignificant compared toKrishna’s time, because His time is eternity. So it is said that this material time is created from one of His eyelashes – quite insignificant part of the body. Still this very small part of His body is just like an emanation of this unlimited material time. Yet Brahma is so to say under the illusion of time, therefore he needs the instruction that something and somebody is beyond the limitations of time. ThereforeKrishnasays: “I am here.” And then He was describing the nature of illusion, then the elements of nature and finally He instructed: “Search! Search! Carry on the search!” Then after this He says: “If you stick to these instructions, you will escape pride.” Not (only) in general situations, but in extreme situations – like the end of the world, it is quite an extreme situation.

Now you can come with all your excuses why you cannot perform your devotional service. What will you say at the end of the world? “I cannot do my prayers, because I am busy.” The whole world is falling apart around you, you say: “Ah, sorry, I am busy.” Our teachers say that so much determination is necessary that if you see the sun and the moon and the stars falling on the ground, and if you see pralaya – the final destruction of the whole universal system, if you see it happen, nevertheless you are not influenced by that. So we have to stick to our faith in extreme conditions also, not only in comfortable, easy situations. It is easy to be a good bhakta when it is easy. But when it is more difficult, the service is more appreciated.

[1] “Shrimad-bhagawatam” 2.9.37

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