Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

When we are coming from the same nest, the same level, the question of difference in the competencies is deteriorated. It is very easy to see the good qualities of a person if you meet him only once or twice a week. But when you live together and you sleep in the next sleeping bag, then the all shortcomings of the other will be manifested. In this way it is very easy to lose the respect to others because we see the full picture, but at this moment we should examine ourselves. Many times we see that the other devotee is full of mistakes, but if I examine myself I should conclude that I have even more mistakes. And if he tolerates my presence, I should also tolerate his presence. I am accepted in the company of the devotees; it is not that everything is revolving around me. In this way we can help each other to grow nicely. Sometimes there is a very stupid period of life when devotees start to contest with each other either inside the ashram or inside the family. But if you can avoid this, then you spare so much time. We should compete with ourselves and respect the others. When we are over this fighting and contesting period, then we will become real spiritual friends. This is very rare and precious gift of Krsna – relation that you have full trust. This level of association is very beautiful part of our spiritual life. This is the god-brother, god-sister level. In many cases we don’t have brothers and sisters, but as you join the devotional family, you will have big family. We can say that I was searching for friends, but instead I have found brothers and sisters.

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