Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

new birth

“Please, relieve me from the desire of selfish attention and appreciation”[1]. A pure servant means that he has no selfish desire. It is a long process of purification. Because there are so many impulses working on us, and as the false egotism is manifested in the very beginning of this whole creation process, therefore this is the last trap that we have to get rid of. So, you enter a system through one level, then you go down, down, down, and when you start to go up, up, up you have to cross the same level – the false egotism. This is the ahamkara platform – the created ego, or created identity. What is aham? Aham it’s “me”, and kar comes from kri – “to do”, like karma (kri, karoti, karma) – to do, to act, to perform. So ahamkara is like created, or manufactured self-identity, not the real one. Because, we all have a real aham, a real identity, but this is on the spiritual platform. We are sparks of spiritual consciousness, it is called cit-kana – sparks of consciousness. So, our ultimate identity is spiritual personal energy. That spiritual energy is manifested even in the body, although this is covered and the body is a very thick cover, this is manifested in the body. Tell me, how it is manifested?

Yamuna: Prana. Also shine of the eyes.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct. Other?

Yadunath: Through all the results of prana like warmth in the heart, waves of joy….

Tirtha Maharaj: Don’t be so romantic, now we are analyzing the things. So – heat. If a body is alive, there is heat, right? A dead body is cold. We all have similar body heat. Some have a little higher. But heat is a sign of the presence of the soul. And we have also one more very important sign of the soul, this is consciousness. Where there is consciousness, there is a soul. So, if somebody looks like a conscious entity, this is because there is the soul.

All these different aspects like heat, consciousness, movement, life force, whatever, we have to trace back to the soul identity. At the beginning, this spiritual spark descends into matter. And the first layer, the first cover that it accepts, this is the ego cover. Then from the ego the further layers are manifesting like the intelligence, the mind and the bodily structure. Therefore, it is said: if you want to leave all these false identities, you have to raise your energy. You have to go through the chakra ladder. From the basic function of our energy – like sustaining ourselves and sustaining our race – we have to raise our energy level to higher and higher platforms, to merge one function to the other, one level of energy to the higher one. And finally, through all the gross material elements of the body, we should reach the subtle platforms. Then higher – the mental, astral platforms also. And finally, we should reach this false or little less false self-identity. So, as much as we can purify our existence, we can come closer to our real spiritual identity.

And the last trap on this path of purification is the false ego. Therefore, we need help, to get rid of this false identification. So, considering this, the moment of initiation and the ritual of initiation is very important. Why? Because, actually, our master delivers a new spiritual identity to us. You receive a name, you receive some service, you receive new clothes. That is a show of a new birth, a new identity. And we start to act according to this new identity. Practically, all the different paths and religions speak about the birth of the new man. This is the birth of the real identity, instead of the false one.

So, this is the way to face the trials – by submitting ourselves to the process, to the Supreme and to the masters. Then we can expect a very rapid purification and spiritual growth. But you also have to contribute.

[1] A line of Bhaktivinod Thakur’s song “Gurudev kripa bindu diya”

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