Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There are two types of so to say followers or disciples: one who is waiting inactively for the guru to help and the other is contributing himself also. And it also depends on the gurus, because gurus are also different types. Some gurus like grown-up and responsible persons around themselves. Others like to be in the company of zombies, not able to think, working only under specific instructions: “Put your leg ahead” – and then you do! So everybody finds his or her own guru. And the gurus will also find their followers. “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

I consider the guru to give the initial push. But also he is an eternal well-wisher. He is ALWAYS there for consultation. Because finally guru is not a person, not a human being; guru is a divine function. And that never leaves you! If you have once surrendered to this guru-function, that never leaves you. May be the person leaves you, but the divine protection will never leave you.

This is my personal opinion: it’s not enough to have a living guru and very passive disciple. But if for example your Gurudev has passed away, but you are a very active disciple – then you will know what to do! Just imagine, your Gurumaharaj has taken all the trouble for ten years to train you to do SOMETHING! Invested all his energies! And then he dies, he goes… And you say: “Hey, what am I to do? I don’t know…” What a disciple is this! If you don’t know how to follow the instructions of your spiritual master, if you don’t FEEL what to do – that’s a very bad diploma of your spiritual master! He could not teach you for such a long time anything, what to do! Best combination is catalyzing guru and active disciple. Best!

Some basic principles should be understood, for example: “I should work under instruction.” But the general instruction everybody has: you should be Krishna conscious, you should devote your life to the divine service, but we need the specific instruction: how to do this? Therefore his consultation is very good. We should learn! A gentleman speaks only once. Don’t ask a sadhu second time the same question. This is offensive. That means, you didn’t pay attention.

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