Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

We should remember that this religion, Krishna Bhakti, dedication to the all-attractive God rejects cheating. Dharma means duty, religion, it’s a complex word. And there are cheating religions also, who shall give you material results, who shall give you material ideals in the name of religion. And many people will follow. Because if something is really cheap and easy and you don’t have to do anything and you will achieve everything – that is very popular. This is a good offer. No risk – all gain. Bhagavatam gives different option: all risk – possibly no gain! Who is that stupid guy who will take such a process?! “I should sacrifice everything and nothing is secure, nothing is sure what I will get!? No, this is definitely not for me. But all right, let’s give a listening ear of what’s going on here. I’ll wait a few minutes more until decide finally to stay or to go.”


But then if we really consider this offer, from this we can understand this is not cheating. This is not making some propaganda. You know the joke about hell?


One guy is walking on the street and sees on one shop is written: “HELL”. First he is just looking through the window: everybody wears very nice dress, everything is polished, in perfect condition. People there enjoy their company, have some drinks and everything is so nice. So he enters and asks the waiter: “Hey, it is written that this is Hell?” “Yes! This is Hell, you can join the party.” And finally he fully enrolls. And then they say: “All right! You had joined, you dedicated yourself?” “Yes, yes, this is the thing that I want to do.” Then they say: “O, yes, you can come with us.” And they bring him to the back of the shop. There is the classical hell, with fire, with big pots and cooking… And he said: “Wait a minute! That was different!” “Demo-version.”


So, that is cheating, but this is not cheating. Because it says: NO material gain. I cannot offer you anything. I am not a big mission. I cannot give you anything material – fame, glory, position. If you join me you will never achieve that you have written on your door “Krishna das”. But you can achieve sweat and tears, you can achieve full engagement in service. Who is ready to join?

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