Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
Krishna is really a colourful personality. Many different aspects, many different engagements He has. Sometimes it is very difficult for people in general to imagine ‘What’s going to happen if I achieve my liberation? God Father is sitting there on a throne, some angels are sounding the trumpet. But what am I to do there?’ Compared to that very general understanding, according to the names you can use your imagination how many different kinds of engagements Krishna has. Again this depends on our level of consciousness. We think that the present day’s engagement is so real. And we have no idea what is real life because we think that this is real life. Nevertheless, real life and real engagements start over there. That is real life. This is a survival trip. And we think that this survival is so precious and so real. No doubt it’s got some reality; even the material sphere has a relative existence. But the spiritual existence is of a different type. This life is based on lack or need; and that life is based on surplus. Therefore here we always have to search for something, we always have to achieve something or to preserve something. Over there all these different engagements are not necessary. There our main engagement is sharing – how to distribute what we have, how to multiply the services and the engagements in divine existence. 
In order to learn that and emphasize that more and more in our understanding, we continue our readings from the book of Shrila Shridhar Maharaj. We ended with “Nothing can be sacrificed”. So, both the absolute and the relative platform should be considered and nothing can be sacrificed. 
“And one thing we must always keep in mind is that we can’t investigate all of the subtle, higher knowledge as a subjective researcher. Rather, according to the degree of our sharanagati, our surrender, the Truth will come down to make Himself known to us. We must always remember this, otherwise some spirit of imitation will be created in us. Knowledge of the higher domain is not under the jurisdiction of the intellect, and to think so is very dangerous. Intellectualism is dangerous; it will cause us to think that we have “caught the Infinite”. It will be negligence to the infinite characteristic, the infinite aspect of the Lord. He is Adhoksaja, beyond the grasp of academic research.”[1]
Here you can see the great shift of the whole method of our search. In this material world we are all trained to use our brain to understand something. Learn, study, analyze and then you will know. More or less it’s got some power over the things that are below our consciousness, that we can observe. But for something that is higher, above our present level of consciousness, it’s not really a good method. As I mentioned, if you get some sand in your fist and try to hold it, the more you try to hold it, the more it will escape from your fist. In the same way, if we use more intellectual power to try to understand, grasp the Supreme reality, it will escape. It is said, if you want to catch Shrimati Radharani, She will run away. And more you want to catch Her, more She will run away. So, this is not the method. We should distinguish between the physical sciences and metaphysical sciences. The topic and the method of the physical sciences are reserved for this field. And the metaphysical science has a different methodology and a different topic, different goal to examine. Therefore we can suggest: don’t apply one method over the other topic. That means don’t use your power of investigation over God and don’t use your faith in matter, because then it will not function. For material things: thoughts, understanding, science is good, it will help to some extent. For divine things we must apply the method of faith. 
We are limited, but the Absolute Truth is not limited. Even our small capacity to understand is not a limitation for Him. Krishna can show all His different features; even if we are blind, He can show himself. And even if we have thousands of eyes, He can hide from us. All rights reserved by Him. The Absolute Truth exists, and is able to show Himself. 
(to be continued)
1.  The Golden Staircase”, Ch.2 Harmonizing Instructions Of The Upper House, by Shrila Shridhar Maharaj


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