Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

hands of love
Question: I would like to ask you if you could tell some words about rasa?

Tirtha Maharaj: Rasa is liquid. If something is too dry it is very difficult to move. For example if you have an engine and there is no oil inside the engine it will break. In one sense we are also like engines – our heart and soul. If somebody does not put a few drops of rasa in our hearts and souls, then it may function, but is squeaks. In the same way in human relationships – if you tell people only the truth, this is correct, but nobody will like it, nobody will be happy around you. But if you say a few nice words extra, beyond the truth, then everybody will be very satisfied around you. Is that a kind of cheating? I think not, because this is practical and it makes others more active in spiritual life also. If the guru tells his disciples only the truth about their behaviour and level, they will not be very much satisfied. But in order to avoid sour faces and depression in the ashrams, sometimes we have to say some good words also: “Ah, you are such a nice devotee. So nice service you are doing here!” For example one gives only trouble and guru says: “Ah, so nice that you have come. We are so happy that you live here with us.” Although everybody is upset about the person, it is impossible to tolerate this guy: “How is it?! Does Gurudev not see his shortcomings?! He is so nice with this stupid guy!” Why? If you give only the criticism and reality to that person, he will not grow, never. But if you expand your heart to that person, then he will also come with his heart. And this is rasa. This is not truth, this is beyond justice.

A pure devotee is not judging according to justice. He has the eye of compassion. And by this extension of the heart other people will grow. So don’t forget, if you want other devotees to grow around you, extend your hearts. Be strict and strong with yourself and very nice and very gentle with others.

So this is the practical side of rasa – how to realize rasa in our everyday life. But this human relationship, this human rasa is only a reflection of the original. And divine rasa is the only element existing in the spiritual sky.


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