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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 21.08.2015, morning, Ludashto)
The prayers are heard. Do you agree? How is that possible? How is it possible that we pray sincerely and it happens – it’s very unusual! If we believe that the material world is a reflection of the spiritual sky, like a mirrored picture, then there must be a connection between these two realms. The primary connection is a projection – the real one projects the mirrored picture. And we can suppose a one way direction of these two realms – the real one and the reflection; the reflection cannot project back to the original, because it’s only a picture. Just like the shadow; the shadow cannot project the real figure. So, if there is a one way direction, how is it possible to have a feedback to the original realm? If we believe and see the function and the effective results of prayers, then this is a definite proof that although this is a reflected reality, it is possible from this realm to connect to the eternal realm. 
Then there are again some questions: Who is praying? For what reason he or she is praying? And who is listening? So, who is praying?
Yashoda: Jiva.
Swami Tirtha: Any jiva?
Manjari: Who is in need.
Swami Tirtha: Practically who is in need: “Ah my Lord, I suffer so much, please help me!” Usually those pray who are in need. In the absence of something you can pray very strongly: “I need this, I need that. Give me this, give me that!” But my humble suggestion is that there is another alternative, when you have access and then you need to pray, you need to share what you have. It’s a special prayer. It’s not a prayer of need: “Please help me!” but “Please come, because I like You so much!”
All right, we are supposed to pray, supposed to chant, supposed to meditate. But then who is listening to the prayers of people in general? 
Yashoda: Paramatma?
Another: Guru?
Another: Krishna.
Manjari: Maybe it depends to whom you pray.
Swami Tirtha: Very clever. I see that you are infected by this personalism. Nobody told that Akashic Chronicles are listening to your prayers or information psi background of the universe – the psi realm, it’s the new name of ether. So, we have some conception that ‘If I’m praying as a person, there must be another person, who is listening’, right? It’s very reasonable. 
But sometimes we cannot direct our prayers properly. We say: “Somebody come!” Never mind, that hierarchy is very well organized. Because sometimes the prayers are improper – there is some mistake or something wrong. But then what happens? All these mis-prayers are directed to Saraswati Devi for correction. And this concerns not only grammatical mistakes, but even if you curse, if you send a heavy blow to the heaven, she will convert the complaint into a compliment. This is the protective system of the spiritual realm – nothing wrong can enter there. 
(to be continued)


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