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“Unworthy person.” Unworthy person – this is a difficult definition. Just remember the story that in ancient times Yudhishthira Maharaj and Duryodhana – two very famous fighters – were tested by the saints. They both have got a task to accomplish. They had to go out for one month. And the duty of Yudhishthira was: “During this one month you should search for a person who is worse than you.” And the duty of Duryodhana was: “You should search a person for this one month who is better than you.” So both of them started and when they returned after this one month the saints asked Duryodhana first: “Have you met a person who is better than you?” He said: “I was searching, searching, but I could not find anyone better than me! These human guys are very low class. I was the best! And still I am.” All right, then the saints asked: “And Yudhishthira, did you accomplish your duty? Have you found anybody who is worse than you?” “Sorry, I could not. I went out and I found everybody is better than me.”

So both of them were frustrated, you follow? Both of them were frustrated, but one could not find a person better than himself, while the other could not find a person worse than himself. So choose: Dur-yodhana “the bad fighter” or Yudhishthira, “the always telling the truth”. Which mentality you want to choose?

So, to find an unworthy person is quite difficult.

Question of Yadunath: Could you please give us a specific personality that is a good example for appropriate charity?

Tirtha Maharaj: Gurudev, this person is called Gurudev, who meets all the requirements. Why? Because our spiritual master is a very good place. And around him time will change. Dimensions are fluctuating around the saintly personality. And what were the other qualities? Place, time, proper person, worthy person – so all these qualities are fulfilled up to the brim by a divine personality. The material world is determined by three factors time, place and karma. So how to change the dimensions? How to make the quantum leap? Associate with the saints. Because in their company all these three factors, determining the world, are transformed. And as a baby is satisfied with the mother, we as spiritual babies are satisfied with the spiritual father-and-mother-and-brother-and-lover-and-friend-and well wisher-and… our guru.

Why? Because charity is our energy. And the goal is that our energy is channeled into the divine service. Therefore it is not recommended to dedicate your energy to some bad purpose, bad person, etc. Right, if you want your letter to reach its destination, you should put it into a proper box. What is the color of the post-box here? Yellow. And of the garbage bin? Garbage is different, many. So there are many channels for garbage, many boxes for garbage, different colors, inviting you: “Give me your energy, give me your energy!” And there is only one approved box for letters. In the same way – dedicate your energy to the proper place, person, time, circumstance, etc. and then it will be directed to the divine service.

Question: According to your estimation what people are good and what are bad?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, unfortunately I have chosen Duryodhana’s mentality. But you should choose Yudhishthira’s mentality. If you look around you should find only better persons than yourself.

Giridhari: Gurudev, I have heard a third kind of answer to this “better or worse than me”. This is the situation when we have to consider well who is better than us and respect him and who is worse than us and don’t be proud of it.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct. But don’t forget that all the living entities are servants of God. Some are conscious, others are not conscious yet, but sooner or later they will also join this party.

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