Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Гурудев 11.I.09-42

(from a lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 01.01.2010, Sofia)

Happy New Year! And also we have the full moon. So this is not only a great yearly period starting anew, but a new monthly period. Usually people are very active at these times to make vows and trying to dedicate their lives to something. And it is also said that whichever practice you start your year with, this will prolong in your whole year. So, these days we start with celebrating the full moon, we start with dedicating our lives again to God Supreme…

Yamuna: And you start with travelling.

Tirtha Maharaj: But I also start with arriving. Many times we have explained that our real celebration is when we come together on some divine purpose. And as I heard you have already chanted all the different names and mantras and melodies, so there is nothing more left for me. But this is very good, because we have to listen; I came for listening to you. During these few days you will give the lectures, the talks and the discussions and I will listen. But don’t ask at the end: “Any questions?”

I am very happy that we have some new friends here. I wish that this first day of the New Year should be a great success in your life. Last year was a very successful and fruitful year for the mission. I don’t know what is your experience about the last year, how was that? How was it for you, Paramananda?

Paramananda: My best one so far.

Tirtha Maharaj: Sounds good. Any other opinions? How was your last year?

Somebody: The worst one.

Tirtha Maharaj: The worst one?! Ah! It is time for change. So it does not matter whether these are the best years of our lives or the worst years of our lives, it does not matter – we come together on some joint principles. In our devotional practice we can turn the difficulty into very positive results and we can turn the best years of our lives to even better years.

So I wish that this year should continue in this manner – singing, chanting, crying, dancing. But it is not enough to live only for memories.

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