Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous issue) 

You know, if we think on different platforms and levels of existence, if we are upset by the mistakes of our subordinates, our senior ones will also be upset due to our shortcomings and mistakes. This is a karmic loop. So in order to practically avoid these troubles coming to us, we should not be upset. We have to accept certain things up to a certain limit. Of course when something gets out of proportion, we have to set the limits. And when you enter the threshold, this will be no problem for you. And it does not mean that they will not commit any mistakes again. Nevertheless, the whole atmosphere might change so that less mistakes are there and more mutual results are there – for the boss and for the employees also.

Just like in the Bible it is said: “Hate the sin, but not the sinner”, we do not have to agree with the sin, but we have to embrace the person. And if we can capture the heart – of course this is a little too poetic in a job – but if we can capture them, if we can inspire them to do it better, then they will die for you. But that means we also have to be ready to die for them. Even on that very basic, very human relationship like employee. Why? Because people will feel that they are treated nice.

Shall I tell you another story? There was one devotee running a shop. It was slowly-slowly surviving. He tried to help other devotees by giving a job to them, but he had many problems and one of the employees he had to fire. This person disappeared and after, let’s say, two years he came back with a bunch of money and he said: “While I was working with you I had to steal your money. I was stealing your money for a long time. Because I was on drugs, I had to finance my life. Now I had finished with that bad practice and I have brought you back your money.” Although he was doing it proportionately step by step – so it was not obvious that he was stealing – but therefore the shop was going very slow. But at the end, you see such a nice behaviour manifested. Although he was fired by some other purpose, he gave back the money.

So we should be gentle and spiritual in our everyday dealings. If Krishna wants to take away something, even if you have ten hands, you cannot protect yourself. But if He wants to give you something, even if you have hundreds hands, you cannot stop Him.

This much about protecting ourselves.

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