Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



We shouldn’t ridicule a lecture, we should not make fun of a lecture. When you come here and sit here this is not a social event, it’s not a conference, it’s a glorification of God. It’s not a joke! Chanting of a song, chanting of a mantra is just like magic carpet that brings us to a different level of consciousness. But if your telephone rings, you don’t only miss this train, but you also disturb others. Glorification of God – we should pay the dignity to the event. Because this is a point of break trough, here and now. So we should pay all our attention to the event, otherwise it will not manifest. Sow the seed, reap the harvest.

It’s very difficult for me to speak about such an elementary thing like “pay attention on the lecture”. But I repeat with all my humility that please, pay attention on the lecture. And if you remember this, then you can expand it – pay attention always.

Once there was e devotee, who in the morning got an instruction from his spiritual master and who was doing it with full efforts, heavily working during the whole day. And then in the evening there was a lecture. And of course he was so tired, that he was almost crumbled due to his dedicated service during the whole day. Then his master told him, when he understood that this guy is going to fall asleep soon: “Go, take some rest, because you have been taken “Bhagavatam” lecture whole day long.” But for all those, who were just running here and there during the whole day, it was obligatory to stay.

So lecture is not a free choice. “Now the philosophy is over, now the prasadam will come – so let’s come at that time.” In many places in order to get a plate of divine food it’s necessary to listen to the lecture. Which is a good point. Although we agreed that devotees have this opinion that “I came for prasadam” or “I stayed for prasadam.” Few say that “I came for the lectures.” Even less will say “I stayed for the lectures.”

Our heads are may be a little un-proportionately formed. Because the lower part is small, the higher part is big. Still you come for lower part? You should come for that part also, please!

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