Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 3 of September2006, Sofia)
The way to achieve piece and absolute level of happiness – full, complete happiness without any fear – this is worship of Lord, Krishna. And we should grab the opportunity to associate with saints. Because anyway life means – we have to associate with people. It is said according to ancient philosophers that human life means society life. And those, who are not living in society, they are not humans. If not humans, then what? Animals or…?
Divine beings. So those who are not living in society, they are either animals or divine beings. That means that during our lifetime we all the time associate. With your children you associate, with your husband you associate, with your families, in your jobs, in your studies – all the time you associate. And we are very fortunate if we can associate with saintly persons. What is the BIG chance in our life if we have this divine association? Otherwise one lifetime is just MISSED! 60-80 years, a whole existence is missed again. Just think how many lifetimes are behind your back without that opportunity to associate with saintly people. But now you have the chance. We are here together and we should grab the opportunity, don’t miss the opportunity to associate with saints.
Of course the association becomes very usual if you associate all the time. If you associate with Krishna once a year, then you can appreciate Him: “O, You are so great, You are so nice, You are so God!” But if He comes every day to you…? Next week what you will say: “Ah, again You are hungry?! Again you come with your desires for chapattis?” It’s very difficult to appreciate the person next to you. So you are very happy with the devotees in Alaska, but to tolerate the guy sleeping in the next sleeping bag – it’s difficult .
Our love, our appreciation should not be theoretical, it should be practical. Or – just take a love affair. Until the lovers do not have each-other’s company, they are ready to do anything for that. When they come together, when they establish their life – few year and: “How can I get rid of this guy?” “How can I find another woman for myself?”
So you fed up with the constant associate. Therefore it is very useful to associate with saints – from time to time. Just imagine, Gurudev comes and stays with you 365 day a year! It’s very difficult to tolerate! Twice a year for some days when I can come or I cannot come, I enjoy my full freedom to be here or not be here – that’s enough for me.
But the quality and the intensity of that association must be CRUCIAL.
Just count how many associates you have  – in your family, in your wider family, in your homes, in school, in kinder garden, in this and that – hundreds and thousands, right? When you go to the hair-dresser, when you go to the petrol station… unlimited. WHAT association will stay with you? Which is important of the many? If you can mention FIVE, then you are fortunate.
Association with the saints is very precious. Because with them we can cross the ocean of material existence. Krishna’s blessings and the good company helps us very much. Therefore this is our ideal – the pure spiritual association with the saints. Why? Because in this company it’s very easy to serve God.
Recently somebody said: “It’s very difficult in the company of demons”. And I said: “Change the vision.” We should not have that vision of opposing elements. But still we should understand that there are some favorable and there are some unfavorable conditions. To have saintly people around you – this is favorable. And to have not so saintly people around you is also favorable – in this way you could appreciate better what is what. After so many, many lifetimes if we come in contact with real saintly persons, we are very fortunate.

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