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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia)

What shall we discuss today – Nrisimhadev or gopi-bhava? Too many gopis are here, how can we talk about Nrisimhadev?! Nevertheless, as following the principles that are given to us by our acharyas is very important, therefore if we decided to study this sequence of events, then we have to continue. If we decide something, that is called sankalpa. Will you remember? You will not remember – if you don’t write, if you don’t have your notebook on the lectures, you will not remember. Sankalpa means ‘decision, determination’. Before starting anything we should make a sankalpa – then the vows and the intention of the words that you express will help you. Sankalpa also means a program that you have to follow. And simply by saying, the power of your words will help you to accomplish what you have decided.

One feature of Krishna is satya-sankalpa. What does it mean? Satya-sankalpa means whatever He decides will be accomplished without any efforts. In the material sphere in order to fulfill our decision we have to work a lot, right? And even then it might happen that our efforts will be fruitless. Not with Krishna; Krishna’s desires automatically are fulfilled. He doesn’t have to make any efforts in order that His whish is fulfilled.

Why is this distinction between God and the humans? Just imagine if you had satya-sankalpa – if all the flashes of your mind will manifest automatically. Is it good or bad?

Answer: Bad!

Swami Tirtha: Very bad! Until the mind is not controlled is best if nothing happens when you think of something. Just imagine if people in general would have the power that all their desires, all their wishes, all their decisions – even decisions, which is a higher level of intellectual preparation – would be fulfilled automatically! Then the material world would be even greater disaster than today. So, for a good reason, for a protective reason people in general don’t have that capacity. Krishna has this capacity, satya-sankalpa – whatever He wants is automatically fulfilled. Why? Because His decisions are proper, His whishes are beneficial.

And what happens if we practice spiritual life? It is said that a pure devotee can acquire many qualities of the Supreme. Even satya-sankalpa you can get. Because that means already you are more composed and your desires, your wishes will be proper. In the beginning even devotees have to work hard in order to manifest what they decide. But this is good, because you also have to learn how to work hard for Krishna.

Maybe you remember the story of the meeting of the ant and the camel. So, the camel had a bag on the back, because he is a beast of burden. Once while walking with this burden on the back, he met the ant. And you know, the camel is big, the ant is very insignificant, small. Yet when the camel saw the ant, he was astonished. Because what did he see? That the ant was carrying a big stick – you know these small pieces of wood. The camel turned to his back and he saw that on his back, compared to his body, there’s a very insignificant bag. Then again he looked at the ant and saw that the small little ant is carrying such a big peace of wood, twice as big as his body. So our dear friend camel was astonished. He said: “Ah! How is it possible?! You are so small, I am so great; yet your burden is so big and my burden is so small. How is it possible?” Then the ant was smiling. “I know the secret. Do you know why?” The camel said: “I have no idea.” And the ant said: “You know, you work for your master; I work for myself.”

So, if we work for ourselves, we can do whatever is necessary, right? If we have to work for someone else: “Ah, today I’m so tired. And anyway, others should be also engaged in devotional life. So, let’s give a chance for them.” Therefore Gurudev said: “If your heart is there, you will find solutions. If your heart is not there, you will find excuses.”

Take it as an advice for your spiritual growth, how to improve your satya-sankalpa, the power of your decision, so that it manifests. Serve Krishna, guru and vaishnava as if you are serving yourself. Therefore, as we made a decision that we shall study, with all the difficulties and all the efforts, we shall continue.


(to be continued)

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