Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Premananda: If we can say that the mission of Shri Krishna Chaitanya is about spreading His message, we can observe two ways of doing that. First – putting all effort and inviting the divine blessings to live according to the message. Second – speaking the message to others. My question to Gurudeva is: what is the role, the importance, the correct order, if there is such, and the interrelation of these two methods? Or if another classification or a view to the subject is more relevant could Gurudev kindly convey it?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, I think one will not happen without the other. Without applying the tenets, the teachings in our practical life, how can we talk about that?

But I am sure, this was not the point of the question. Because it might concern the two higher levels of practitioners, like the bhajananandi and the gostianandi. Bhajananandi is the person who absorbs himself deeply in his bhajan and into his meditation, and the other one is who is ready to distribute. Practically both of them are on the threshold of the highest perfection. But if we judge, those who are ready to share, they are considered more merciful.

But as most of the devotees are not on that platform, then we have to examine this question on the initial steps. And here again we shall see that it is a mystic process, that one will not happen without the other, and even if you do only one, you will accomplish the results of the other. So, the best method is to implement first the principles into our life, and then to speak about it. Just imagine, if you tell to everybody that you meet: “Surrender to God! Why don’t you serve your spiritual master? Why don’t you chant your rounds?” sooner or later you will have an inner trouble if you don’t do the same. Therefore it is mentioned that: “Think deeply about the advice that you give to others”. Without practicing, why do you give advice? Yet even if you give advice, sooner or later it will have an effect on you. But this is the gambler mentality.

So, better we try to apply the rules and principles, and then – to share with others. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t know everything. Some little things you know already, and that you can distribute. We can always tell people: “Why don’t you try to come closer to the Supreme? Try to become a better person.” And so many other messages… That we can say, even if we are not completely perfect.



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