Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



What is Radha? Radha is the highest quality of service. And apa-radha is something against this quality of service. So negligent service is aparadh: if you are neglectful while doing your service, if you forget to add this quality of service.

To think that a person is not trying to serve Krishna, not trying to satisfy Krishna is very offensive. It’s very difficult for me to talk about aparadh, because I don’t know what is that. I think that it is not nice if someone wants to trigger us with aparadh: “O, this is an aparadh, Prabhu!” Especially if my opinion or my activity is hurting his interests. I don’t believe that in a harmonious and pure-hearted vaishnava association aparadh can happen. Because there everybody is trying to serve the other. If we want to serve the other, there is no chance for aparadh.

If in a vaishnava community we have the same ideal: “I want to serve you” – then everybody is running after the other: “I want to serve you”, “No! I want to serve you!”, there is no chance for aparadh. May be one – if you don’t accept the service of the others. If you don’t give the chance to the other brother or sister to do some service.

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