Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, evening, Sofia)
It is said that the sadhus and the shastras are going to the extremity in the sinful area, because otherwise there would be no chance for anyone to rise from that level. We continue our reading from Shrila Shridhar Maharaj, “The eye to see Sri Guru”.
“It is just like this: our sight is within a particular spectrum – we can’t see very much intense light, nor very meager light either. The same with sound; we can’t hear very high frequency sound, nor very low. So we are working in the relative position. But we are told to stick to the absolute thread continually in order to properly understand the whole. Therefore don’t undermine the acharya. Although you may be seeing some ordinary characteristics there – eating, sleeping – don’t undermine him! Otherwise you’ll be the loser. Just as in the Ganges water, we are not to take notice of the stones, the wood, the foam; Ganges water can purify everything. What is it that can purify? Its water aspect? No. There is another aspect, and if that is analyzed, ultimately we will see the order of the Lord: it is His order that Ganges water will purify. So the purifying power comes from His will; His will is backing that. We shall try to find the absolute backing everywhere; and if we can’t sacrifice the relative position, then we’ll have to go to the plane of nirvisesa (the undifferentiated aspect of the absolute in which service is absent). 
There is a complete system which comprises Krishna and His associates of different types, and we want to have our connection with both Shakti (the Potency) and Shaktiman (the Possessor of Potency). We can never sacrifice either of Them, especially Shakti. For example, when Raghunatha Das Goswami says, “I do not want Krishna if Radharani is not there; rather, I want Radharani,” then who is this Radharani? Who is She? She is the one who is full of Krishna to the greatest degree, so Das Goswami says, “I want Radharani.” Krishna is there, and in different relative positions He comes to each particular person as sweet, sweeter, sweetest. In this way, we find such relativity”. [1]
This is a very beautiful way of explanation because it is very slowly floating on the topic guru-tattva. And there’s a very important message we get here at the end, the example is given with the Ganges. Its water has material aspect and divine aspect. In the same way we can expand this thought that the vaishnava also has a material side and a spiritual side. But as we are instructed by Shrila Rupa Goswami in the Upadeshamrita, we should never judge a devotee according to the physical or bodily characters. Because what is it that makes a devotee a devotee? It is not his, or her bodily constitution; or mental, or intellectual conditions. The inspiration and the motivation he’s got – this makes him a special person. You can understand a person according to his ideals. And I’been searching, searching, but I couldn’t find a higher ideal than what the devotees have – permanent, uninterrupted loving thoughts of the Supreme. Being engaged in this higher level of consciousness 24 hours per day – you cannot overrun that in the physical context. And the selfless and loving closeness to the Divine Couple, again this is something very high. Also this concept of meeting of Beauty and Love – this is some extraordinary explanation of the whole divine background. We can actually have an unlimited list why this bhakti process is very special. Plus Divine Love is the ultimate word in our understanding. So, anybody has a higher bet? I cannot find. 
(to be continued)
1.  The Golden staircase, Ch.  2  Universal mind, Absolute backing, by Shrila Shridhar Maharaj

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