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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.01.2016 evening, Sofia)

We are here together for a spiritual discussion. And I really appreciate that you have come. Because there are so many factors that unite us. For example our common spiritual interest. Also our spiritual goals – the destination that we shall reach. And we share something else very common – all the differences that we have. This makes the whole picture more beautiful. Because a garden is nice if there is only one type of flower there; but a garden is more beautiful if there are many different types of flowers. In the same way, we are like different flowers in the same garden. And this difference unites us so much! Because we all work and live in order to make this divine garden more beautiful.

I was just wondering, with many of you we’ve met in the morning; and many of you, after a long day of hard work and full engagement, again dedicate your time to come here to the ashram. How was your day? If this day was another step to eternity? Or another step of wasting time, energy, attention? I hope that your day was another step closer to eternity. How can we do that? If we are always conscious of our ultimate duty on this planet Earth.

Just recently I’ve read about the opinion of some Chinese illiterate ladies. They said: “Somebody has given birth to us, we have given birth to someone else – what else is our duty?” You might think that this is too simple. But if we take it as a service to the sanctity of life, then it’s a complete spiritual journey. So everything depends on the consciousness. If we can maintain this connected, divine, surcharged consciousness all the time, permanently – then every day is a step towards eternity. Then it’s not a loss of time.

But in the morning we also understood one very common feature that unites us all, as we discussed who is an eligible candidate for practicing bhakti. Let’s remember how it was: “On account of the association with the great souls, mahatmas, one may attain a little bit of attraction to Krishna. But at the same time one may remain very much attached to fruitive activities and material sense enjoyment, and not to be prepared to undergo through different types of renunciation. Such a person, if he has unflinching attraction to Krishna, becomes an eligible candidate for discharging devotional service.”[1]

You see, this is what unites us. By some good fortune we have the chance to associate with pure devotees, yet we have our shadows and we are not very much ready to undergo different penances. This is our position. Nevertheless this makes us candidates for pure spiritual practice.

(to be continued)

[1] Nectar of devotion, Chapter 3


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