Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 5 of September 2005, Ahtopol)
Sometimes activities hurt very much. But words hurt more. And if we don’t have positive thoughts, than we can destroy everything around us. So first we should control the thoughts, then the words and finally activities also.
If we pay our attention too much on human beings, then some kind of frustration surely will come. But if we concentrate our mind on God Himself, it is said by the wise, there is no frustration. Even Thomas Kempish said: “O my Lord Jesus, I had forgotten you again! Therefore I am frustrated. I was only paying my attention to the humans, I forgot about You, and therefore suffering came to me.” But if we focus our attention on the Supreme, in that light we can have a more complete vision on the humans also.
The same method should be applied in devotional company. Of course it will be painful! But in due course of time we should understand what kind of vision we should have towards the living entities around us. Because when we meet the devotees we think: “O, I had met the angels. But these angels are so humble, that they hide their wings.” Then you realize: “They have no wings!” And then you think: “They are not angels!” This is a very dangerous moment. That realization is quite painful. But if you can accept your brothers and sisters without their feathers – then this is a more ripe association. When you can tolerate the others with their shortcomings and with their glories – then this is a ripe and strong community.
Just like in a family – if you have ten children, nine is perfect and excellent, and one is a little….. Then you don’t love him? Of course you love him the same way. And all the brothers and sisters will love the small one. This is the harmonious way.
Realizing our shortcomings or shortcomings of our vision is quite painful. But better to have a painful truth than to die in ignorance.

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