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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

индийски гълъб

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2013, morning, Sofia)

I have to say that you all come from a different place. Your body belongs to this country, but your soul belongs to another country. So, in that respect we all belong to the same kingdom. Our goal is to perform our duty on this planet Earth properly and meanwhile not to lose our eternal benefit.

Just recently I heard about the homing pigeons used for transportation of information, that today it is more difficult for them to find their ways. They cover the same distance for a longer time than before. Somehow it’s more difficult for them to find their ways. And if this happens to these small little animals, who are experts in finding their ways, I think in the same way it’s very difficult for us also to find the proper way. Maybe more and more, as we live in a difficult age, which is not very favorable for spiritual practices.

Yet, the more trouble we have the more we want to find the solution. Therefore to find the proper way we need certain help and certain guidance. And actually we human beings have three alternatives, three sources of information in this respect. One is tradition, the second is inspiration or intuition, and the third is intelligence.

For the last couple hundred years, especially the western human civilization follows the path of intelligence. And we can see the results – environmental problems, crisis after crisis. No doubt there is some technical improvement, but there is more suffering on the inside, more emptiness in the heart. So, in our spiritual search I wouldn’t suggest this path.

Well, let’s take intuition. Sorry to say but our intuitive capacity is more or less blocked for most of us. And in case people have some intuitive power, they use it for very insignificant purposes – like how to resolve daily problems, how to become more successful, or how to achieve more money. This is a misuse of intuitive power. Until our existence, our consciousness is not purified I would suggest that intuition is a very insecure instrument, not safe.

So, what is there left? That’s tradition. But in our countries tradition was blocked and broken by many historical facts. Political changes, Ottoman Empire, changes of ideological structures, which harm our traditional systems or even block them. Yet if you start your spiritual search, sooner or later you will meet the Indian tradition. Either through yoga, or through ayurveda, or through meditation; most of the practices and the visions are based on the Indian tradition. Therefore I suggest finding guidance there. It’s very good to rely on tradition. If we try to approach Indian tradition, then we can purify our intelligence and also our intuitive capacities will be improved. So, this is the reason why I suggest: let’s go deeper into the Indian tradition.

And as you’ve come together on this purpose for some time already, today’s discussion is on one beautiful, treasure piece of the sacred Indian literature. This is called the Bhagavata Purana. My idea is to try to find, try to show the structure of the Indian revealed scriptures. To find the place of the Bhagavata Purana there, and also to discuss some basic points of this literature.

This literature, this book starts with meditation. Because meditation, and sound meditation especially, is a way to approach the Supreme. If we chant the very sacred om mantra, this is so powerful, so effective. The Indian tradition is based on revelation of the divine sound. And the first word in Indian revelation, in this ancient tradition is om. Actually this is like a sound, a sacred vibration. Not really a word expressing some meaning directly, but bringing the divine vibration into this universe. And as you could feel your skull has a round shape – it’s the same like the universe, it has a spherical construction. And this divine sound vibration creates a very good positive resonance in this individual universe that you have. In the same way if this world is penetrated by the divine sound vibration, from the chaos it will create an order. Therefore om as a divine sound vibration is like a guidance for the whole creation. It’s got a meaning also, it’s not only a meaningless divine sound. The meaning is “yes”. ‘Yes! What you are searching for – it exists!’ This is a very positive affirmation of our quest, of our search, of our desire to find harmony, complete beauty, perfection. 

(to be continued)

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