August 2022


Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 19.08.2015, evening, Ludashto)
(continues from the previous Monday)
There are so many aspirants for Krishna’s lotus feet. Do you like Vrindavana? Unison. In Vrindavana also there are many aspirants for Krishna’s lotus feet. Because if you catch the feet of a person, can that person move or run away? Cannot! If you catch the feet, you catch the person. The different groups in Vrindavana all aspire for the company of Krishna. This is a marketplace of rasas, different rasas. Yet some merchandise is not available there – there is no passive rasa. But all the other main rasas are there. And from all these multiple varieties of rasas, let’s pick two groups. Which one to pick? Yashodka, what do you say?
Yashoda: Gopis and gopas.
Swami Tirtha: Gopis and gopas – wow, you are very clever. All these devotional groups aspire for Krishna. And according to their mood, according to their divine feelings they call Krishna by the names. The gopis are in favor of secrets. Therefore they are calling to Krishna by first calling to Radha: “Radha Krishna!” Albedo! And then they enter into mystery: “Radhe Shyam!” Shyam is the Dark Lord. Nigredo! And this very melodious, very high voiced female meditation is answered by the gopas according to their manner. They are searching for their playmate: “Hey Govinda, hey Gopal!” So, what do the gopis say? “Radha Krishna, Radhe Shyam” and the gopas answer: “Hey Govinda, hey Gopal!” Two groups. Poor God! He has to multiply Himself! Everybody wants Him. 
Yet everybody is frustrated. They are calling for their beloved God, but no trace of Him! After some time they become perplexed – so much so, that the gopis loose their scarfs. While they are searching for their beloved Krishna, they lose some garments here and there – some lady belongings. The gopas in the same way lose their sticks, flutes, this and that, because they don’t find their Krishna. From one forest – out; into another forest – in; everybody is running after one-another in a mad search after their beloved Krishna. All of a sudden the gopas find the scarfs and in their deep meditation they think: “Ah, if we act like the gopis, maybe we can invite Krishna more!” Meanwhile the gopis also find some flutes, some sticks, some ropes here and there, and they also meditate: “Ah, maybe our Lord is with the gopas and maybe if we act like the gopas, He will come to us!” So everybody is absorbed in a transformation meditation. Rubedo – all the colors are changed. “Radha Krishna Radhe Shyam, hey Govinda hey Gopal!” 
No trace of Krishna. But in the next kunja[1] they meet. “Radha Krishna Radhe Shyam, hey Govinda hey Gopal!”
Nourish and preserve this intense search in your hearts. Because it hasn’t been a long time since we departed from divine harmony. And it doesn’t take a long path to return there. 
1. Kunja – forest grove

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