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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
(continues from the previous Friday)
“One time I asked Prabhupada (Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura), “Shrila Rupa Goswami gives his explanation of Lord Balarama’s Rasa-lila in one way and Shrila Sanatana Goswami gives his explanation in another way, but both get their instruction from Mahaprabhu, so why is there this difference?” My Guru Maharaj said, “Why has Krishna been called Adhoksaja? Adhoksaja cannot be harmonized within our intellect. It is achintya-bheda-abheda, inconceivably and simultaneously one and different. Both explanations may be true simultaneously. It is achintya, inconceivable. The Acharyas have explained that when Baladeva is performing Rasa-lila, He is actually conducting Rasa for Krishna in His heart. Externally Baladeva is seen to be participating in Pastimes with the gopis directly, but internally He is making Krishna enjoy that Rasa. Baladeva is not the enjoyer Himself.” These are the harmonizing instructions of the upper house, and in this way we shall harmonize things”.[1]
Again a method was mentioned here. Usually we are trained in logic – that this is either black, or white; this is either zero, or one. How it this called in the computer programming? Binary system. So, many people believe only in the binary system. Once I met a computer programmer and he told me: ”Oh, one year ago I had my full faith only in binary system. Now I am searching for some spirituality, I believe in God.” So, usually logic says: either this way, or that way. This is single logic, we can say. But we should add poly logic: either this or that; maybe both; maybe neither. And we should also add one thing: ‘We don’t know’. Because if we eliminate the miracles, then it’s a very boring world. So, let God have some secrets. 
If we see opposite opinions, we might think neither of them is true. For example, when it is said that Ramananda Raya is an incarnation of Lalita or Vishakha. ‘How come? They cannot decide who is who?’ Then according to our western training we might say: ‘Ah, they don’t know! So, neither of this is true.’ While the oriental view will say: ‘Ah, such a miracle! Both of the opinions are true!’ Or, if we are half way between the west and the east, then we should say: ‘I don’t know how it is, but this is very beautiful. I don’t understand, but if it is said like this, it’s of double importance. It is not a single incarnation of one person, it’s double. It’s stressed, so it’s more important!” This is the achintya philosophy.
 In one sense, we can say that let’s say thousand years back there were more miracles in life. Because our scientific investigation proved that some miracles are not miracles, it was only a lack of knowledge. So, we might think that if we use this method, then ultimately we shall understand everything. But this is the sure way to lose your faith. Just like Lord Buddha said that “Art is a sure way to lose perfection”. In the same way we can say that applying this analyzing method will kill our faith. 
Of course, faith doesn’t mean some blindfold that you put over yourself and then you are safe. But we have to decide whether we want to live in a boring world or we search for the miracles. And in case there is some controversy or difference of opinions, this achintya-bheda-abheda vision can help us to harmonize it. Achintya means inconceivable, bheda means similarity and abheda means difference. This is a dialectical approach to the truth. And what is impossible to understand by the brain, it is easier to perceive or to feel by the inner emotional capacity of the person.
(to be continued)
1. The Golden Staircase”, Ch.2 Harmonizing Instructions Of The Upper House, by Shrila Shridhar Maharaj


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