Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Hari-lila: I would like to ask, in the lecture it was mentioned that if we imagine how we are falling in love in material life, it will be very easy to see Krishna all the time in front of our eyes and then it will be easier for us to be connected. It’s very easy to fall in love in material life, because you are seeing the object and because of some reasons you fall in love with him. But here is just the opposite, first you have to fall in love and then to see Him. How is this?

Tirtha Maharaj: This is mystery.

Hari Lila: I was thinking about the process. Actually, you have to imitate falling in love, but at the same time you have never experienced such a taste yet. So you are just guessing, supposing, but you are not sure that what you are doing is true and if you are really approaching it.

Tirtha Maharaj: I agree. As this is a highly mystical process, the essence is both hidden and opened at the same time. But as we are not qualified on the proper level, therefore we need a guide, therefore we need a spiritual master. Because if you cannot judge whether you approach properly or not, a real guru can judge your progress. Therefore we need this permanent consultation.

Hari Lila: And our imitational falling in love – is it in favour of the process?

Tirtha Maharaj: This is a very important point. For that reason we need the spiritual guide even more. Because teaching or guidance – it’s not the words, it’s the activity, it’s the mood. If we see the mood of our master, and if we, so to say, imitate the mood of our master, then we imitate a very good example.

But this is a very important point that you’ve mentioned. I have met a person who said: “Ah, I have fallen in love with Krishna so much!” After two weeks of meeting the devotees I never saw him again. But those guys who are around service and guru, who have really dedicated their lives, they follow a different mood. They don’t make a show of their love to Krishna, but they act properly. Because actions speak louder than words. Therefore we need a good training, a very good training.

Therefore the guru, the real guru is a protective guide. He will show us the proper method to approach the Supreme. And as we love our spiritual master, naturally his qualities and his mood will come to us. There is the danger of imitation also, but a real master is a clever guide and he will cut the false imitations. He will help us to fly our own wings and to find a way to express our faith. But we need a protection for that, not only guidance.

We have to be reasonable in one sense – where to dedicate our life and love? Because this is all what we have. So, search for the proper place where to bring it as a loving offering.

This is the beauty of the connection between the disciple and the master. A real disciple will be like a sponge – acquiring all the qualities, all the moods, all the feelings of the master. And it does not mean that you will lose your personal feelings to God. Because we have to acquire the same intensity, not the same forms or the same routines, but intensity we have to acquire. If we acquire the essential things, then we shall be happy. This will be your happiness, your realization, not some imagination. And better to have small, but firm than big and insecure. Do you agree?

Hari Lila: Yes. But still I would like to receive ready feelings.

Tirtha Maharaj: No. No, no, no. You have to personalize your feelings. Ready feelings? No, it’s private. We all say: “Krishna” or “Goura” and He is one person, but we all have different conceptions about Him. There is unity and there is diversity. But until our mood, our progress and our approach is according to the tradition we are safe. And diversity will show the different small little details of the beauty of God. This is a beautiful mystery. It’s there and it’s not there; we see and we don’t see.

And some little taste we all have. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here in such a hot room, after hours of sitting and torturing our bodies. There is some good reason why we are here. Because we all have received an invitation: “Come! Join the dancing party!” And we cannot resist.

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