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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.10.2016 morning, Ludashto)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

And then Krishna starts to give a kind of secret knowledge: “Pay attention, now I will reveal you again something. As you posses the qualities, I can give this to you.” And there comes a long list about who will reach the level of self-realization[1]. If you check this list, it’s an achieved accomplishment, it’s already very high. Those who have these qualities, they will come to the platform of self-realization. Yet it’s a long process. Even if we have all these good qualities, something more is necessary. Because in one sense I feel that these are only technical details. Step one, step two, this quality, that action … But what is the heart of all this? What is the purpose of obtaining such qualities?

Then Krishna comes to the real essential points. Many consider that here really is the essential part: bhaktya mam abhijanati[2] – “Only through bhakti you can come to Me as I am. Tattvataha – as I am.” The 55th verse is very-very important. And very beautiful also! If we always try to remember – whatever we do, whatever we have to experience in this lifetime or whatever we are exposed to – and if we can connect this to the supreme reality, then it’s easy. Here again this dharma and ‘don’t give up your duty as a fighter’ is mentioned, but I think in a much deeper, more profound meaning: “Do this for Me.”

Then comes something very important: ishvarah sarva-bhutanam hrid-deshe[3] – He is there in everyone’s heart. How many millions of times you have heard that Krishna is there in the heart of every living being? Us included; so don’t forget about that. He is the guide.

Guhya-taram[4] – the supreme secret. Here again Krishna shows His tricky side. Because you know, Arjuna wanted to escape the fight in the beginning and then Krishna started chastising him a little: “You lament on something that usually intelligent people don’t lament on”[5] – that means ‘You are a fool number one! How can you be so stupid?’ Of course He tells it in a very polite way. And here He comes back to His conclusion, so to say, because all the way through the Gita He tries to convince Arjuna: from this side, from that side, through theory, action, practice, meditation, creation… And when there is no escape for Arjuna, He says: “And now think it over and act as you like. Act as you like! It’s up to you!”

You see, many times we discuss the freedom of a human being. I think this is here. When there is only one solution: “Now choose!” But I think this is a sweet choice. And I think this unites us all, because Krishna tricked us all. He invited us for a pleasure journey and then we are stuck in the action part: “Work hard!” But hopefully “samadhi comes later”[6]. “Choose, it’s up to you, as you like” – I think this makes it so sweet, so personal and so intimate. Because with a friend you can play your jokes. Officially there is no place for jokes. Officially there is only some theoretical advice and then go. But here is some rasa manifested: “I am here with you. Trust Me! But act as you like.” Come on!

And then, “Because you are My dear friend, I will reveal tо you” – so connection! Without connection we cannot understand the deeper mysteries. And the beautiful, beautiful conclusion ma shuchah – “No fear!”

And who is dear to Krishna? Who reveals this to others. Therefore preaching is so glorious. Then finally Arjuna agrees: “Yes, my distorted vision is gone. I’m fixed. I’m ready to act – due to Your mercy.” So – no doubts. “Wherever there is Krishna, the master of the mysticism, and Arjuna, the best of archers, there is wealth, victory, power and merits.”[7]


(to be continued)


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[6] Reference to Shrila Prabhupada’s words: “Work now; samadhi later.”

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