Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Neli: In the Bible it’s said that humans are made according to the face of God. How is it according to vaishnava philosophy?

Swami Tirtha: Similar. The form of humans is very much similar to Krishna’s original form. Two hands, one head – very similar. But actually in another explanation it is said that this immanent, hiding, penetrating the whole universe aspect of God is present in the creation in different ways. Like the sun is the eye, the moon is the mind, the front side is religion, the back side is irreligion, the legs are the lower planets, the chest is like the middle planets, etc. The birds are the expression of His artistic power. And the humans are His residence. So, according to our understanding human form is very special. And here[1] it was also mentioned that “as the Ganges flows to the ocean, devotees can come to Me, because I reside in their hearts.” So, humans are like residence for the Supreme. It means – more is expected from humans than from any other living entities. Are you satisfied?

Neli: Yes, I like this answer. But this exactly is what bothers me – that we are made according to His face, because as I see what we are like, I am horrified what Him might be.

Swami Tirtha: Don’t worry, He can manage. The origin is perfect. The imprint is sometimes a little distorted, but don’t worry. Because we are co-partners in creating our bodily construction. So, generally the archetype of human form of life is created by Brahma, but from this big shopping centre you go and you choose what you want and you add your special desires. Therefore we can say that your body is your embodied thought. Our mistakes are not due to God. We also contribute with something to this system. But otherwise even the body is a miracle! How it works – it’s just incredible! So, don’t worry, the original is perfect. As this is only a material reflection here.

It’s a little difficult to understand in the Bible why it is said that God created men according to Their form – plural is used[2]. He created human beings as God, according to the original form as man and woman. How is it? It’s very difficult to understand. But if you know how the system really is, it’s very simple. Some are servants of Krishna like gopas, others are servants of Radharani like gopis. Very simple.


[1] Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya Lila 19.171 and Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.29.11

[2] Moses 1.26-27


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