Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There are two types of starving. And there are two types of wars. One type of war – when your body is killed. Another type of war – when your soul is killed, so to say. One type of famine is when your body is starving. Another type – when your soul is starving. No matter – in this way or in that way – you have to leave this planet. By starving to death, by being killed in a war, by being robed, by being frustrated by some false gurus – we have to leave this place. The question is: the destination! Because this place we have to leave. But we have to leave like gentlemen; find the best place, where to go.
It is said that the material sphere is just like a toilet. The gentleman enters, answers the calls of nature quickly and then moves out. This is material world – we have to leave! Better fast, better quickly! Just finish with your… and go! We can also say that material life is just like a bridge. Go through it – don’t build a house.

But also, any kind of suffering is a kind of bad karma. If you had wasted foodstuff in one life, next life you will starve. If you had killed a person this lifetime, you will be killed next lifetime – or in the same lifetime. So we all reap the harvest of our activities. There is private karma, there is community karma. For example Bulgaria has a very bright future and a good karma, because you are the future generation of spiritualists! Don’t forget, according to some mathematical calculations, through six persons, you can reach all the six billions persons on the earth. And how many you are sitting here?!
If you impress six people, through them, if they also go and impress others… We are talking about positive impression! Just like in the case of Shriman Mahaprabhu. When He was traveling in India, all those who met Him, became devotees, immediately! And all those who met these devotees also started to become devotees, est. est. So it was just like wild fire.

So, these are some ideas to explain mass karma. But strange enough that we inquire into the suffering. I would be so happy if the next question would be: could you explain something about the mass deliverance, the mass liberation of the souls – how is that possible?! By mercy! That is not under the influence of karma. That is under divine arrangement. Karma is not under divine arrangement. We create our karma. We fulfill our progressive path. But even karma is not punishment; this is a chance to get rid of the burden! So if we pay our price by taking the trouble – then we get rid of the burden

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