Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Manjari: Gurudev, was it proper that Jagadananda Pandita broke the jar? After all, should he have listened to the advice and taken the butter to the temple!

Swami Tirtha: As he in this lila represents Satyabhama in Dwaraka, you know Satyabhama was a demanding wife. An obedient wife will always follow what advice is given by the husband. So, if Mahaprabhu is the husband and Jagadananda Pandita is an obedient wife, then definitely he would go to the temple and burn the oil in the lamps. But as he’s got this little temperament here, therefore he is ready to break the jar. And my dear fellow brothers, how do you see, do your wives sometimes act like Satyabhama? Or they are always obedient and following everything you say? But in my understanding maybe the ladies have read the dwaraka-lila also, where the ways how this Satyabhama type of enhancing the happiness of our partner is written.

Ultimately in real connection there is no question of right or wrong, there are no rules. On the ultimate platform there are no rules. Rules are permanently re-written by both God and the servant. Because this is an alive process, it’s not something stale. And from this you can see: if the Supreme Lord and a pure devotee are at conflict who is stronger? Of course the devotee is stronger! Here Mahaprabhu acts like an obedient husband. It’s not that Jagadananda acts like an obedient wife.

So, there are many things to learn from these examples, but everything should be based on this divine spiritual affection. Then this is harmonious rasa. Even “the opposition enhances the beauty” as Shrila Shridhara Maharadja says. If it is not based on that affection, then it’s disgusting. But if your husband is always obedient to you – it’s so boring. Sometimes a little spice must be there, the salt of life. Yes, please!

Question of Kamen: One opposite question. Because it is said that love is higher than principles, then what if Mahaprabhu would have accepted this oil?

Swami Tirtha: Nothing. Then we wouldn’t sit here discussing this story, because it would be only one verse: “And Jagadananda Pandita brought the oil and Mahaprabhu accepted it.” There is nothing to talk about it. Because that is normal – “I am serving and it is accepted.” Again opposition enhances the beauty, right. There was a conflict and for five hundred years devotees are discussing this conflict and they try to come to some beautiful conclusions. It gives us more chance to progress.

But I think the essence was accepted. The finer, the subtle, part of this offering was accepted by Mahaprabhu. Also in other cases it was mentioned that Mahaprabhu used one opportunity to show different, different aspects and results. If He would simply accept this oil, then He could not demonstrate that the devotee is stronger than God. Then He could not glorify Jagadananda that “even if you cook in an angry mood, whatever you do is so beautiful!” So, in this way with this little conflict Mahaprabhu brings out more and more fruits and nectar. About peace you cannot write an epic.


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