Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



Question of Hari-lila: Some pain we feel in the body, but there is also emotional pain, that the body is not experiencing. At the same time the soul is sat-chit-ananda. Is this experience reflecting on the soul? This question concerns the topic that the soul is happy but is also suffering in the spiritual world.

Tirtha Maharaj: It is very difficult to understand the spiritual suffering, because we are conditioned to think that suffering is bad, something wrong. But anyway, there are two types of people: one is tragic type and the other is magic type. Tragic character and comedy character. One can take everything easy; the other takes everything very difficult, very painful. One is tragic, the other is comedy type. If we are a tragic type, whatever happens to us, we think: “Ah, this is the end of the world! This is the ultimate tragedy. So much suffering is there!” If you are a comedy type, you will laugh about it: “Ha! So funny! I have lost everything – so funny! ThisKrishna again is playing tricks.” If you are a tragic type, you will say: “God does not exist. He does not like me, He is giving me the trouble.”

So there are different ways to reflect or to react to the things happening to us. The same way is with pain. A pure devotee also feels pain. To have spiritual identification and not bodily consciousness does not mean that there is no pain for a pure devotee. But he does not identify with the pain. He does not say: “I am this tooth pain.” He does not identify.

Now we are describing one direction: when the body is aching and then there is a reflection on the soul – through the mind, or somehow. But it works the other way round also. If the mind is imbalanced, then bodily imbalance will manifest. It is called… I don’t know the name of this syndrome: when the state of mind will reflect on the bodily platform. When you are strong and healthy in spirit, you will be healthy in body also. But if you are weak in spirit, even some real disease can manifest. For example you have a disease of your joints – that means you are not flexible enough. You are an orthodox blockhead. It is impossible to move the guy, so stiff. Or if you catch cold. What is the meaning of catching cold, do you know? You need love, you need more attention: “I am here!” This is the meaning. Or… what else, what should I say…? Of course, if you have problem with your ears, it is obvious – you are not ready to listen. Or coughing too much – it means you have to speak up something, etc. So this works in both directions: body has some influence over consciousness; mind and soul also have influence over the body. But it is said, that everything is decided on the top platform. So if on the soul platform you are OK on the lower platforms you will be also o.k. Therefore we cultivate the soul, therefore we want to purify our self, our spiritual identity. Because if we become healthy servants ofKrishna, then we will have a healthy body. And with the spiritual knowledge and with the power of the spirit, of the soul, we can overcome the pain of the body.

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