Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



Krishna gives a picture: “I am this, I am that, I am also that.” And later on He tells Arjuna: “Now give everything to Me. Whatever you have, whatever you do, whatever you sacrifice with all your tapasya – just do it for Me!” So what is happening? First He gives: “I am the taste of water; I am your tapasya, I am your life, I am everything.” Then He says: “And now return it back to Me.” Is not that a beautiful connection? He provides everything and you can serve Him with what has been given. If you were in a bad phase, difficult phase of your spiritual life, then you would say: “Well, God takes everything. He has taken everything from me.” But do not forget who has provided it. This was coming from Him; it is quite approved if He wants to take it back. How can you change this quality? Because if you are deprived of something, this is not a good feeling. How can you change this situation?

Ramvijay: By giving!

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes! Give it free! It is said: whatever you do not give you will lose it.

Harilila: What you will give…

Tirtha Maharaj: … you will receive! Thank you, this is the positive side.

Harilila: But is it true?

Tirtha Maharaj: It is true. It is true. If you give attention to people they will also pay attention to you. If you give them help, they will help you. If you give them affection, they will also give you love. Very simple principle! And so difficult to practice… Somehow still we always forget about it. And always wait for the other to make the first step. But that is business: you should serve me first and then I will also serve. No! Not in this way. You should make the first step. Apply this principle in different situations in your life. In your families – how many times you have expectations towards the other?! “I would be ready to serve my husband, but he should do first something!” Or the other way round: “I come home, I want to be served warm prasadam. How is it that my wife is not coming with the prasadam, but only with the problems?!” You make the first step! Do not expect the other to move. Gandhi said: “You should become the change that you want to see.” Very practical principle!

So better we give to Krishna freely because then a loving connection can be manifest. If we lose something this is a forceful connection. But by giving we can express our feelings.



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