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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 21.08.2015, morning, Ludashto) 
(continues from the previous Monday)
Who is listening to the prayers of people? You said that basically Paramatma is listening. This is another personalized expression for this morphogenetic psi field of universal informational background. All right, but then what about the pure devotees? Are their prayers  heard by Paramatma? Yogis are concerned with Paramatma. Then who is listening to the prayers of the pure devotees? 
Yashoda: Ishta-deva. Your beloved murti.
Swami Tirtha: Ah, such a nice concept! I have to consider that! Let’s stop here for a while. As we discussed the different types of worship, the different deities, they will give you different benefits. Even if you don’t ask. For example here in Ludashto, Govardhan, Lapis Nostrum – our stone – is worshiped. The basic principle that He represents is the shelter for devotees. And as Ludashto is the centre of the mission, this shelter is expanded practically over all of us. Of course there are some other more delicate, finer details represented by Govardhan worship. Because Govardhan also provides a very blissful and variegated scenery for the different lilas of Krishna. This is like a source of happiness for the cows and the cowherd boys. Also a place of very deep meditation for a lot of saints living there. And also this is a meeting place, place of rendezvous. So there are a lot of other details that are represented by Govardhan. When Mahaprabhu delivered a little piece of Govardhan-shila to Raghunath das Goswami, he was extremely happy because he understood: ‘Now I have got my entrance to lilas!’ And if Raghunath das Goswami is satisfied with something, then you can guess that it’s important. 
In Gyor the devotees worship Jagannath. What is the benefit of that worship? One benefit of Jagannath worship is that He is always smiling. Irrespective of our services. Lord Jagannath in India resides by the ocean, Nilachala. In Gyor there is no ocean, but there are five rivers – water is there, so naturally He wanted to be there. Jagannath is a very special aspect of Krishna. He likes His devotees so much! He likes to be fed and He also likes to feed His devotees. Don’t forget, in the Jagannath temple in India there are 54 offerings per day. One and a half tons of rice is offered per day. Jagannath is very famous for expressing His willingness with His devotees. Once there was a small boy praying to Jagannath; he said: “Ah, my dear Jagannath, You are so kind, I love you so much! Please, come to me!” Then Jagannath answered: “Ah, my dear son, you see, I have no hands, I have no legs – I cannot come to you. But I have some big eyes, so I can look at you.” I think we would be all very satisfied if God said: “I can look at you” in a discussion. But our boy was not satisfied. He said: “All right, if You have eyes and if You can talk to me, then You can come to me also.” 
So, prayers are heard. Even challenging prayers are heard – if you have intensity enough and purity of heart. The result of Jagannath worship is satisfaction – everybody is satisfied. Grand scale results should be there. 
But who is worshiped in Sofia?
(to be continued)

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