Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The concept of Divine Love is a very high concept. First most of the people have to understand what is the essence of life, what is existence. First we have to identify that there is a God. How? The whole world was created by sounds. If we chant divine sounds, if we have divine sound vibration, then a new world, a new kind of existence will be created in our structure.

Just imagine, in the beginning there was darkness, all the scriptures say that there was darkness. Then light appeared – again this darkness and brightness coming together. So even in the very beginning of creation, the very beginning of existence our Radha Krishna, Radha Govinda conception is there, but in a hidden form.

If we chant a mantra of creation then we understand that God exists and He is the supreme intellect. Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya! The creation of a new world is affected. In our minds, in our hearts the new cosmic order is established. Because this mantra says that “Oh my Lord, oh Supreme Intelligence, I dedicate myself to You and I glorify Your greatness.” So, new world is created in our hearts and on the throne of our hearts we can establish, we can invite our Lord. At the same time this mantra is an ultimate protective mantra, protecting us from all bad influences. So whenever you are in trouble don’t forget this mantra, because it will protect our creative, inner world, inner cosmos from any danger. If there is God is there any distress or any danger?

Damodar: There is a danger to fall in love with God.

Tirtha Maharaj: There is another danger – to forget Him. Therefore we should be connected all the time. There is a neutral position when you don’t fall in love, but you don’t forget – it is a kind of lukewarm. You know, many times I have mentioned that even in the Bible it is said that God spits out the lukewarm. So neutral is nothing. Either you fall in love or forget it. But the ultimate instruction of the Vedas is to remember always and never to forget. So to overcome neutrality there is only one chance and that is dedicated service. Therefore if this conception of God appeared in our mind, our hearts and our structure – if we believe, we accept that He exists – then the next question is how He exists, what is His nature, what is His activity, what is His taste, what does He like. This is the revealing science of God – to understand His ways. Is this the end of the path? No, this is during, in between. The end of the path is a different stage of spiritual elevation, but as you are all very deep and very dedicated practitioners we should not speak about the beginning and we should not speak about the end. Because you are over the beginning and you are before the end. You are somewhere in between – neither here, nor there.

Today we tried to prepare our hearts with this beautiful mantra: “Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya” so that a new world, new cosmos is created in our hearts and we should fill it up, fill this universe with best feelings.


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