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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

едно врабче кацна на огледалото на колата

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.08.2015, morning, Ludashto)
The name is very important. If something has got a name, then we know what is what. If something doesn’t have a name, it’s unknown and unknowable to us. So we can say, a name is a transparent media of communication. And we do identify with our names. Just imagine yourself if your name is all of a sudden lost. You feel like your identity is lost. Therefore the name is a means of relationship and a means of knowledge, wisdom, and also a means of life. Especially from transcendental and spiritual point of view. Therefore all the different religious practices glorify the names of God.
We are fortunate, because we have a thousand names long list of Lord Vishnu’s names. And I’m sure that you have met some very well-known names in this list. You see that some of our dear brothers have the same names as included in the list of the Lord’s names. Not due to the reason that we want to quote the Mahabharata, but rather that we want to remember the Supreme Lord. 
And this is very powerful when your fellow brothers have some divine name, when they are named after some divine principle or God Supreme. Why? Just imagine yourself driving your car and almost creating an accident. Usually, especially ladies, what do they do? They exclaim your name: “Ah, Baladev!” That means they absorb their mind in meditation over Baladev. Maybe they are thinking of Baladev das who is creating a trouble on the highway, but they are connected to Baladev Prabhu, the Supreme. And when in special moments of life you remember the Supreme, it’s very beneficial. Then all of a sudden the divine providence is there, nicely arranging everything. So, I pray that the holy names protect us!
(to be continued)


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